Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i think throughout the three years in poly, and working , and then going for attachments, i was partially doing some soul searching... and today i found out that i am:

1) a structured person. i need a timetable all the time. without the timetable i'm gonna be sooo lost...

2) i need to do something. If you tell me to do something, i will do whatever you want me to do. for example, you suggest assisting the teachers, i will assist them. you can't just leave me doing nothing.

3) I won't trade Zara for This Fashion. that means i want that certain quality of life.

4) Give me a chance to fall and i will definitely excel another time.

5) I'm not your girly kind of girl

6) i need a job that shows what i can do best..

7) i'm quite stubborn

you think you know me yeah? hhehe


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