Sunday, December 03, 2006

amazing fact for the day:

after deleting like all the songs from my mobil.. i found out that i am able to take 2000 pictures with the phone? what is so amazing is that 2000??????!!!!!! wow that's a hell lot of pictures that you can take with the phone.. its a little too scary...

12 december seems a long way man!
Pictures of the week ( rather pictures from DAS)

Mr Fitness standing beside his idols with glee ( PRRRTT Full House!!!)

something rather interesting... it says " Name your own price aquarium" hrm.. what if i say 5 cents?

The least thing i wanted to see after our 1 hour test... oh and its related to our test "Genetic Framework.." it says" Genetic Framework Gallery"

we are not interested in ARC.... zzzz... ( no offense to the ARC people)

DAS.... somewhat better...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

i took 3 minutes to do this..

okay.. first you have to use the mirror and this worksheet and then look into the mirror and move along the lines....

( some visual co-ordination thingy )

from the test...i think i am not cut for driving even though my road sense is pretty good.

1) i can't gauge the distance to do reverse parking
2) i can't gauge the distance to overtake or move into a combined road....i will bang into some other vehicles..

what are public transportation for in the first place?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hahahha finally received my 20th birthday present .. literally a 8 mth beleated birthday wahahha!!!! but nevermind.. i appreciate what the girls have given to me wahhahah!!! its so pretty plus its from of my favorite website hahahah there you go.. THANK YOU GIRLS.. ITS SOO PRETTY .. i wonder what is Sarah doing btw.. hahha other than knowing she is Josh's teacher... hahah!

these are the two earrings .. hahah...

one of the earrings.. pale orange

another pair..

i think i get the hint .. ahhah! they want me to pierce my ears.. whahahah!

hahah been qutie lazy to blog actually.. i think i've almost forgotten what is my user ID and my password... hahahah today we had fun !! just last week we met up.. and the group has become even stronger after all that funny stories we share.

sometimes all you need is to hang out with the person more often and then you will find out about the person and the person is not as bad as whoever thinks she is ( hahaha not to a particular someone which most SNOs phase 2 .. hahaha you know lah)

looked extremely girlie today ahhaha! yeah this was what i wore.. and i am soooo going to wear this in front of Kim Sung Soo !!!!!! KIM SUNG SOO. SARANG HAEYO!

fun things do happen.. .. "are you watching closely" digusting acts you mean !

Uber duper cute boy next to me! Thanks A for helping me to take the picture

Two of the few of my sentosa buddies

Thursday, November 09, 2006

my vivo city tour:

1) Monday 31/10

2) Friday 3/11

3) Sunday 5/11

4) Wednesday 8/11

5) Thursday 9/11

and counting

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


the best part, i am going back to NTU on monday to have lunch with Evan. haha