Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hahah been qutie lazy to blog actually.. i think i've almost forgotten what is my user ID and my password... hahahah today we had fun !! just last week we met up.. and the group has become even stronger after all that funny stories we share.

sometimes all you need is to hang out with the person more often and then you will find out about the person and the person is not as bad as whoever thinks she is ( hahaha not to a particular someone which most SNOs phase 2 .. hahaha you know lah)

looked extremely girlie today ahhaha! yeah this was what i wore.. and i am soooo going to wear this in front of Kim Sung Soo !!!!!! KIM SUNG SOO. SARANG HAEYO!

fun things do happen.. .. "are you watching closely" digusting acts you mean !

Uber duper cute boy next to me! Thanks A for helping me to take the picture

Two of the few of my sentosa buddies


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