Wednesday, June 30, 2004

oh that's not what i expected if you think its not what you expected then go and do it yourself at your place there lah... and dun complain like that last time you did the book at your place.... what your place charges more than what i paid for.. what the heck... if you think 13 dollars is too much why don't you complain when you get some BEAUTY PRODUCT that doesn't work on you.. it concerns your GRADES!!! for goodness sake AND OURS TOO! PLEASE THINK FOR OUR future if you dun want to think about YOURS.... i'm "kind" enough to bring it down and print the cover for you....which i can charge you for that.. if i want to.. enough said...

Okay.. it all started at 9am.. received an sms from Pauline stating that there would be no financial Management tutorial.. and it would only start on the second week. that results to me going to school dressed in board shorts and t shirt at 2pm. Well.. got the Mathematics Book that Lee Lan wanted us to get.

In Toddler and Infants; Child Development 2.1....
as usual,class is as boring as ABCs... had a little Discussion with R's group.. of all people....(ed rolls her eyes)... i think she is trying her best to suck up to us since we are like doing mathematics project with us.... well.. c'est la vie. since at 6, there is a PSF meeting, and i have an hour to spare... why not go out for dinner... sick of canteen 1 food

at the bus stop....
received a call from brudder that i am needed at the SDAR. went up.. all i did was to sign a document.... and it turn out that i've become both the sectary ( adi is employing a person who can't spell properly.. perphaps he might want to choose another person.)and the quarter mistress.. and the CCA Fiesta is in August... in the end... we are doin COSPLAY by default..cos no one disagreed with the theme.. cosplay..... i think goth is cool... marilyn manson rocks...he;s my latest idol. yada yada yada yada yada.... then they played truth or dare exlcuding me and harlina... we are "naive and innocent" they did really raunchy stuff.. and gave some pple from the other clubs and societies a little entertainment. i shal not go there. its P&C. did some accounting for the straight times... and went back home

Sunset Way...
Yeah it was there.. right in front of Evan's blk.everything just went blank... lights were off out of sudden.. traffic lights were gone.. and every vehicle became rowdy teenagers without a techer in the class.. no discipline at all... i had to CLIMB 13 floors to my house.. urgh!!! it seems that HERITAGE VIEW HAS ELECTRICITY!!!!!!!!! and it turned out that Amanda's house too... had black out. previously that night it was shaiful's blk in TAMPINES had a black out and now... the WEST side.. right.. electricity resumed about 30 minutes later? and there were people cheering but Jurong and Clementi were still in darkness.. poor Amanda... watched abit of Hard Fate ..zzzzzzzz..

Monday, June 28, 2004


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OKay.. today is the first day of me being a sophomore....Saw Joyce outside the library.. saw couple of arts camp folks As usual school starts at 9am...... and Lee Lan is our lecturer (again)... today .. it seems that school's more busier than usual. Probably its the first day... then subsequently... erm... erm.. erm.. then saw familar faces from qtss. the grp of freshies who attended our show.. they actually wore the CAMP t-shirt and sat at the same table! meeting up for lunch..ARE THEY REALLY THAT BONDED?... then saw the SCC grp in canteen 3.. before wondering off the to the library and saw a familarr face... didn't want to say hello or anything.. there is nothing to talk about and no point saying hello too.

then saw Wah Qiang and Shi Wei before going to town with Evan...

Had and headache with all that hustle and bustle in school and town.. went into Mango and spotted Anna, Harveen and Lay Hoon.. can't take it... have to get a Mac's Ice-cream. then wondered to Borders and wondered to Kinokuniya and bought Shopholic ties the knot.. remind me if i were to get Shopholics and Sister.. get it from borders. its cheaper. then wondered to Isetan's Mango.. and then takashimaya's Mango ONCE MORE then Zara and then down to fox... spotted a couple of guys from Qtss.. but dun bother them lah.. then spotted Siu Ming... ooohh. he's now in NP.... B.S.. told him that i was in ECH.. his face fell...(what is that supposed to mean). talked about philosophy in ECH.. haiz.. nothing much we can do now... now.. work hard for the next sem and then get on with life.. and uni.. yeah.. that's how i spent my first day as a second year student...

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Congradulations! you are going to marry freddie
prinze jr.!! Hes cute, loyal, funny, sweet...
what more could you ask for?

Which male celebrity are you going to marry? (14 choices now!!)
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Sorry ... if i offend anyone.... but i heard there was such thing that really happened in one of the sunday schools...!!!!!!

Scene 1 (In a room filled with chairs and tables; pre teens talking in cliques and mobiles ringing to the latest ringtones)

In a particular clique:

H: Do you think Father B is married?
G: I don't know
K: Why don't you ask him H?

Father B walks in

Father B:Good Morning. How was your Saturdays?
Pre-teens: Fine!!1
H: Father B are you married?
Father B: No son, I am not. (Father B turning slightly red)
C: So are you a virgin?
Father B: Speechless and turned BRIGHT RED)

I was shocked too upon hearing this.. a pre teen .... Ed starring with her eyes really big
OKay.... Friday....... it was great... Everything went on kinda smoothly... well. i think i missed my lines somewhere here and there.. but just heck care...its OVER....

right... since everyone has done their "thank you"s.. i shall say something about it too.. :

Eddy's Thanks:

1) to the audience, for being wonderful people who came for the show
2) Jiayuan and her mom, for helping out with the programme booklet and everything that we've done for the F.O.H. and her mom for supporting her financially
3) all my 11 ushers : all of you done a great job!!!!!!!! Esp.. Harveen thanks for ENTERTAINING the principal( well of course accompanying him to the Lt... heheeehheee.. SooBee, with the cookies and the door... and the decoration for the F.O.H. so well until Mr Tang thought its another stage for another show.
4) Co -workers in "Bottled Dreams"
5) Rashad.... hee.. to cover up with my fumbling of lines... ( well i know i was rambling rubbish.. bt nvm)
6) Audrey and her Aunt Marie, Skye, Adi, Jiayuan, who helped out in the making of cookies... esp Audrey.. Thank you so much........ for lending us the place and ferrying the cookies to the school.
7) Shaiful and Sam for stealing "Bottled Dreams" and entertaining the audience.
8) Skye and Song Lim for the lights for both Bottled Dreams and Hide it
9) Joyce for your infectious laugh and your "EVE" inpersonation. pls.. never do that again.
10) Lights from the clubhouse.. You blinded everyone.. well.. it helps though.. cos we can;t see the audience and we just treat this as another rehearsal.
11) Fadhil, of course, for taking my key and nt returning it.. and as the Director for Hide it, giving support to B.D.and entertaining us with his joke about waking up early for school during secondary school... that still keep me laughing..
12) Lastly, to everyone who is involved in the production

Of course there were some last minute glitches... and stuff going on before the show... meeting up almost everyday brought the club closer, know each other alot better...

Not everyone can stand you and your ways. Being someone in the club doesn't mean you dun have to help up with anything.... extend your hand and help wouldn't kill you. Stop bragging.... thanks to this production i think i know you alot better.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

What do you think of this year's Arts Festival?

Loved it. They should keep it going year after year 15% 178 votes

It was okay but could be better 16% 196 votes

I don't like the arts so I didn't bother with it 30% 352 votes

There's an arts festival? 37% 437 votes

how sad it is... singaporeans are pretty oblivious about arts stuff... obviously singaporeans are not artsy fartsy

Monday, June 07, 2004

This Is a Stick-Up! Fry Me Some Eggs!

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) - A hungry Argentine thief forced his way into a home on Friday to steal clothes and appliances -- before sitting at the dinner table to demand the captive family cook him a proper meal.

"He ordered a steak and fried eggs. Afterward, he pulled the telephone out and tied the family up," said the porter from the building in a posh neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The thief then escaped.

Finders Keepers? Man Sued After $50,000 Find

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) - A jobless Argentine who found $50,000 buried in trash and promptly bought a house, two cars and a corner shop is now being sued by a woman claiming her maid mistakenly had thrown out the cash.

"All I can say is that I am no criminal," Paulo Altamirano, a 46-year-old man who ekes out a living by collecting street garbage in the central city of Cordoba, was quoted as saying on Thursday by local DyN news agency.

Emilia Mascoy, a 70-year-old store owner, brought a lawsuit for fraud and demanded her money be returned. She says a maid mistakenly threw out the box of cash during a spring cleaning at her home, DyN reported.

A massive economic crisis in 2002 forced thousands of Argentines known as "cartoneros" to earn their living by collecting and then selling street garbage such as cardboard.

Indiana Boy Wins Spelling Bee, Runner-Up Faints

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a new definition of a fainting spell, the runner-up in the National Spelling Bee apparently fainted on Thursday when asked to spell "alopecoid" in the contest eventually won by a 14-year-old Indiana boy.

Akshay Buddiga, 13, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, recovered enough to spell the word correctly and continued into the championship round, but he stood out from the crowd by spelling from a seated position, unlike the other competitors, who remained standing as they spelled.

Buddiga lost on the word "schwarmerei," a German term that means adulation.

He got plenty of that and a standing ovation from the hundreds of defeated spellers, their families, friends and teachers who watched the three-day competition.

The champion was David Tidmarsh, whose final winning word was "autochthonous," meaning indigenous.

Tidmarsh, from South Bend, Indiana, also triumphed over such spelling nightmares as "sumpsimus," "sophrosyne" and "serpiginous."

That feat won Tidmarsh a $12,000 cash prize and a huge loving cup he seemed barely able to grasp after the strain of spelling. As soon as he realized he had spelled the final word correctly, he covered his face with his identifying placard and acknowledged later he was crying tears of joy.

"I was so nervous, I couldn't even begin to explain," Tidmarsh said after it was all over. "I was just hoping I got a word I had studied."

He said his favorite movie was "Spellbound," a documentary about the National Spelling Bee, an annual rite of nerves for children under the age of 16 administered by E. W. Scripps Co. and some 250 other sponsors.

Tidmarsh and Buddiga were among 265 spellers who gathered in Washington from across the United States.

Asked if the experience was as good as Hollywood could make it, Tidmarsh replied, "It's even better."

He'd Better Hope He Doesn't Get Sick
LONDON (Reuters) - A British man with a fetish for medical items has become the first person to be banned from every hospital in England and Wales, the government said on Wednesday.

Unemployed Norman Hutchins, 53, has harassed and abused medical staff more than 40 times since January in his quest for surgical masks and gowns, a court in the northern city of York was told.

The court banned him from all private and state-run National Health Service hospitals and doctors' and dentists' offices.

Hutchins tried to obtain medical items by feigning illness, or claiming to need them for a fancy dress run or an amateur play, the Times newspaper reported.

"(He has) caused harassment, alarm and distress to NHS staff when attempting to obtain gowns and surgical masks in person or on the phone," an NHS spokesman said in a statement.

More than 30 local health organizations banned him with civil injunctions, but Hutchins kept moving to new areas.

Hutchins' lawyer Harry Bayman said his client "was not a well man," but accepted the court's decision.

If he needs medical treatment, Hutchins will be allowed to visit hospitals or doctors under strictly controlled conditions or with prior written consent.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Top Stories - AP ( Associated Press)

Oldest Person Dies at 114 in Puerto Rico
By IAN JAMES, Associated Press Writer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan, who at age 114 was recognized as the world's oldest person, has died after a bout with pneumonia, her family said Monday.

Iglesias died Saturday in a nursing home in San Juan, said Rene Matos, a great nephew who lives in El Paso, Texas. She was three months from turning 115.

"I was hoping she could make it to her 115th birthday, but it was impossible," Matos said by telephone from Texas. "She was in the hospital about four or five days, and the day after she was released she died in the nursing home."

Iglesias earned the distinction in April when Guinness World Records declared her the world's oldest living woman after a check of documents.

A baptismal certificate showed Iglesias was born Aug. 31, 1889, while a birth certificate issued in 1948 showed her birth date as Sept. 1, 1889.

Fred Hale Sr., 113, of Syracuse, N.Y., is listed by Guinness as the world's oldest man. He was born on Dec. 1, 1890.

Her death could make Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, 113, of the Netherlands the oldest living person, according to news reports. She was born in Smilde on June 29, 1890.

Matos, 64, said he thinks her longevity stemmed from her having "a very easy life — easy in the sense that she didn't have too much to worry about."

Her husband was a bank manager in the 1940s and '50s who passed away in the 1970s, Matos said. They never had any children and lived peacefully, he said.

She enjoyed a beer with meals, Matos said.

"Even when she was over 100 years, every time we took her out to a restaurant, she always like to have a beer, a small beer, a 7-ounce beer with the food," he said. "That was the first thing she asked for when she got to a restaurant."

Iglesias was born near the end of Spanish rule in Puerto Rico, which was seized by the United States in 1898.

Strange News - AP (Associated Press)

Can you image the highway's road no time there would be sunny side ups and fried eggs on the highway. but still the its a unsightly sight of eggs being on the road.

Truckload of Eggs Spills on Texas Highway

BELLAIRE, Texas - A truck carrying 30,000 pounds of eggs spilled its contents off a Houston-area overpass early Monday, shutting down a highway and leaving a smelly mess behind for cleanup crews.

The accident happened about 2:30 a.m. when an 18-wheeler ran into some plastic barrels along the Interstate 610 loop. As the trailer went up onto the rails of the overpass, the eggs were sent tumbling onto an unoccupied Transportation Department truck parked at a construction site below.

Police believe the truck's driver may have fallen asleep. The driver, whose name was not immediately released, broke his nose, but no other injuries were reported.

"There must have been 50 cases of eggs that landed on that (parked) truck, crushed the cab and broke the windshield," said Gary Babb, a supervisor in charge of the cleanup.

Environmental workers spent the day cleaning up the mess, trying not to slip on egg yolks as they worked. A special substance was used to battle the smell and soak up spilled fuel.

It took more than 14 hours to clean up the spill and reopen the highway. Babb's co-workers brought food to keep the crew's energy up, but he didn't exactly appreciate it.

"They brought us scrambled eggs, you believe that?" Babb said. "Sick sense of humor, these people."

For now, i'll keep you updated with some of the bizzare news... So long.. Same URL, same time.