Thursday, September 30, 2004

This may sound ridiculous.. i have not finished about 24th September's production and the day itself. oh yeah.. went to S.P. to crash their tutorial.. yeah yeah yeah.. me the "retainee" well... i think its time for Amanda to CRASH my kinda weird lah.. cos ECH is so condensed... nah nvm.. was bored.. so played with Amanda's phone( the same one as Harveen's) so started taking pics of myself.. yeah yeah.. i was BORED. just playing around.. I think SP is definitely training their students to be gamblers... they play cards everywhere?! In the Cafe, in the huge plastic box, outside their tutorial they have nothing to do.. well blame it on the np's system of having a lap top. everyone uses the lap top like nobody's business.... hmm SP think of your students' future... Future Gamblers or Smart Ass. Shall continue..

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

okay... this is scary....

person fell off the railings in sp from the fourth storey! well..according to amanda, the person actually SURVIVED! and according to amanda's friends, its was an freak accident. okay accordingly to hoon, there was a huge pool of blood and some bones...hmm... bones? i think its teeth lah..bones.. plus the person survived wah .... power sia...

have heard many more suicide stories..... starting from Heritage View Condo.

1) Man was cleaning windows and suddenly fell from his house... taking his curtains with him.. oh dear.... no foul play suspected.. but it was a freak accident.

2) (Korean) man visits sister's house and committed suicide... well no rhyme or reason.. ....

3) An elderly man jumped down because his wife died earlier the year and he felt that there was no point living... haiz poor thing.. landed in the pool. pool was closed according to the management " repair services". well.. we all know the real reason on.

okay... this is a suicide attempt...

a very big sized girl was found smoking by her mother, decided to committ suicide from the second storey.. well.. landed on the ground and broke a flower vase... well.. one advice: if you think of dying at least die honourably by jumping off some where high up.. second floor?! What's wrong with the person.

life oh life.....

Sunday, September 26, 2004

even though its sunday.. i'm still feeling groggy.... feel like going back to sleep.. friday totally drained my energy. totally. As soon as i reached school at 4 plus i was briefed by Shaiful what's going to happen at night.. did nt call Skye and Rizal because i totally forget what he told me on thursday night, so nvm. back to friday... when he was talking to me.. i swear my head automatically turned to "la do dee do" mood... he was just there yaddering. managed to catch some only. then ...... well Yiwen and Diana then came dressing like they are going to some chi- chi club after the thing when ME the front of house head is very casually dressed in : and navy blue Gio Top and black pants. and sneakers. how chic is that.. or should i say how cheap and embarrassed i felt. feel like going back home to shower and dress up. at least better than gio tee and black pants.. feel so bloody underdreessed. thankfully, had my stripped sweater with me.. at least covering up the "gio" word.. but isnt it better than the baby blue- ultra short ( to my standard)Hang - ten polo tee.. i should have just gone home.

okay after school on friday went to sp to pay a visit to Zarli and Amanda.. ha.. some old pple... hey! crashed their tutorial. Zarli said that i was a retainee.. bleahx.. yeah.. everyone had that curious stare.. " who's that new girl?" well.. just like ECH.. 2b02 has only one male... they had only 3 girls! so i was quite spottable in the 20 odd people. and their tutorial is and hour and a half. they went tro their test paper.. with resistors and safe region. bleahx.. okay shall continute later about friday's escapee.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

1) Wong Lee Lan : MAYC - complete the bloody thing before Sunday Ed!Print the stuff for Harveen too!!
2)Geraldine Z. FIELD PRACT 2.1 music and movement lesson plan 3 ( GERALDINE!!!HOW MUCH I "lOVE" HER! Must pass this mod!!!)
3) Wong Lee Lan MAYC individual...,. 50% leh friend.. 50%!!!! okay.. ged the idea! - 20 Septemeber 2004
4) Lynn Heng CD. 2.1 alright.. having a lecturer that looks like Pan Ling Ling doesn't mean no assignments
5)Eva PQS presentation. okay must pass this sub or else i'll see "dear" Eva and get migraine everytime.
6) Peggy Leong AW "IEP" proposal.. not so bad, its a mock try.. but... still
7) Peggy Leong - Right... peggy.. your single parenting thing is STILL not done!
8)Loke Hui Hoon Revise FM! or else kiss my AD au revoir. well.. this time dun think hui hoon's lookalike Mdm teoh can even help you, nor Mrs Loke's namesake can help you!
9) Eva Study PQS.. or else the results slip would be nice.. one extremely well done , one.. extremely bad
10) (haiz.. sad.. but i still dunno her name) start doing up the SCV presentation- at least trace the pictures using carbon paper...
11)Lynette Balota Balotta's ice berg shit. Who LAMELY drop a grade whena mistake is made.
12) Geraldine Geraldine's music and movement
13) Geraldine Geraldine overall portfolio
14) Lilian Lim- Right.. she is the stupidest, lame, retard, thick in the head lect i ever had. but still she is still is one my creditors at large.. learning centre, language arts.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

to JY and the folks of straight time, shut up and watch the show... .. ( if you are reading this)

Sorry for not coming for trainings .. i;ve been really busy like shit. i can only try to come when i'm free. pls update me with what i need to do and when its needed. i'm really sorry. i understand that you have assignments to complete too. Jy can you get yourself another assistant producer please... because he/she can fill me in when i'm nt ard. pls... i really need the kind of help ............