Saturday, October 30, 2004

well....... this happened in India, India Idol, contestants are to sing Hindi songs. ( khabhi Khushi Khabi Gham anyone?)

"One spurned young woman left the studio only to return minutes later with her sari-clad mother, who berated the judges and demanded a second chance for her distraught daughter.
When she was again rejected, the mother grabbed the judges' files and flung them into the air before security bundled her and hapless daughter out."

my, my, does it remind us of Rocky Wang who begged the judges to give him a second chance? At least Rocky's PARENTS are in China

song of the day: electrico's I want you.....

electrico is great.. Electrico's "I want you" rawks.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Just 6 minutes after the Sinagapore Idol results show. and sg has voted that Christopher is bowing out of the competition. man... at first he was doin fine.. but he is just that kind of ballad-y kind of guy... so i guess its the wrong choice of song for him. well... it had been the wrong kind of songs for him like since dunno when? get back to your own proper biz lah! i think the flashing back to qtss was a totally a wrong idea. it disgraces Queenstown. just one day after the com.. POOF! an ex quest student is outta of the league. man! what a disgrace to the QUEST ( some 60s rock and roll band who were former students of Queenstown Technincal school.) too. "so sad so sad.. its a sad sad situation.. its becoming more and more absurd" i think sg made quite a choice tonight. and ciao chrissypoo... well talking about chrissypoo.. who wouldn't forget Daphne... well rich kid...very petite. weird voice. can't really dictate what she was singing ... but still i think give her a couple more weeks.. i would say ciao..................................... to her.
Olinda was crying that chrissypoo got booted out. oh well...

song of the day: Over and over again. by Nelly ft Tim McGraw
yest.. singapore idol..

flashing back to Queenstown Secondary School actually isn't a fantastic idea.... well... how come Eric Low is the one being interviewed.. why can't some other teachers be interviewed.. dunno.. dun ask me. cos i dun even know who are his teachers. Maybe Eric Low is the teacher that he was close with. Mr Chiang the P.E. H.O.D- TURNED Vice Principal wore a blue shirt. well.. i guess he looked abit weird lah. cos i so used to seeing him wearing P.E. kit. plus. he was the one who gave me the CCA marks. hahhhahahaha.........whatever. but according to my sources in the school ( actually is Bernard lah, trying to make it more tabb look alike) he flim crew went to the school on Wednesday to flim that short tiny weeny part. nah..... i think sg will sent him out tonight.. perhaps not him... maybe its daphne ? dunno?!

ah... speaking about her... sorry hon. can't hear what you are singing.. this is my op.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

legs are so sore and tired....................... just got home.. did n't eat lunch till 3 plus at the xxxxxxxxxxx hawker centre. should eat at sentosa.. but Bk.... kinda sick of it.
imaging running and travelling around the of Sentosa island... joined Evan's church's "Youth Explorer" activity.. running around the island. Get to know a Ngee Ann student from year 1 LSCT. ( Life science, chemical technology) cool... cool.. but if i were to see her in the atrium... er... er.. i dun think i can recognise her.. imagine climbing a hill and then pause up there for about 10 minutes then... go back to the foot of the hill.. and then have go back on the hill!!!!!!!! urgh... so tired. its something like Amazing Race but its in a Christain context. obviouslt some question teenagers.... they are risks takers. adults, are like straight and systematic... cool working with teenagers.. sometimes they are more brainy than we are....

wah.. heartbreak ar.... went to plaza sing to meet bernard.. at 12 30.. then dunno how he said that i'm meeting him at 1 30?! so he rushed down to meet me. when i was at the box office, white chicks 01 45, 20 xx.. so i assumed that i was 1 45 PM. so when the guy said its the midnight show.. my heart literally broke.. when we were exiting from P.S. there was this wedding thingy... THE SALESMAN THOUGHT WE WERE DATING .. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! LATEST!.. HAHA AND WERE getting married.. hahahhaha! hahhaha -_-..... Bernard was like "what?!" the guy took cue and asked "you are studying ar." bernard nodded and then walked away.. i was like trying to walk real far away from him... haahhahahahahah... L-A-M-E... then we decided to go to Marina Square to watch "The Manchurain Candidate" AT 2 45. starring Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep... not bad. wanting to get lunch but could not find the food court in the end, ended up eating popcorn for lunch.... the guy placed more salty ones than sweet ones.. yew. then went to rAFFLES city for a short while after the show then ciao......

Monday, October 18, 2004

broke... jobless... school-less, and energy-less..

caregivers or care takers....

10 kids or 6 x 3 year olds.

typical IT guy who thinks his presentation is good cos kids listen to them... well.. as in an ECh girl i think the otherwise... maybe ... they ARE interested..but you still have to look for signs that say " i'm nt listening"..... well.... ....... no comments.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

ha! trios jours a examen et je suis calme blogging a ma chez. heir soir, Oncle Lesile et Tante Cheryl dinait a *some place* près de Chinatown... got back only like? Neuf Hueres mon fere.. as usual....... Anglais Football... typicale Anglais.. bleahx... France est tres bon ! Ha! D'accord... heir soir.... manger

Monday, October 11, 2004

Bonjour! je ne sais pas pourquoi.... quart jours a examen et je suis tres "relax" as if il y a une vacations already..... :S... Oui examen... enfants development et Design Learning Environment. je pense cette examen... mes résultats est mal.... tres mal... mon Financial Management est A.... n'est pas AD. haiz... je suis TRES fatigue....... problement est parce que a Jeudi... Je dors pour seulement trios heures?! *yawns*... mais au'jour'hui je suis tres éveiller.... j'ai vias a l'ecole "To meet" Lee Lan... haiz.. to hand in the introduction pour numero sense!?

hahhahahahaa..... mon francais estTRES mal!!!!!!!

au revioir !!!!
Madamoiselle Edwina

Thursday, October 07, 2004

ha!!1 so happy... managed to meet Elly FINALLY in SIM...
well.. of course.. Elly looks a bit different apart of wearing braces.. ha.. ha then before.. ... she looks a bit taller.. hm.. ha she told me that Christopher look better than before in qtss ... but hey gal you "got" his budy joshua. I will never forget Joshua Tan sia.. played an "important" part of the sec two life.. had real fun.. wish that i could go back to secondary school.. where friends are made.. old friends stay together.. .. now i think if i am able to meet Liana.. in campus a few more times.. i'll still be equally happy. well.. EVEN AMANDA... well for certain pple.. i dun think i want to meet them... they really sound and are shallow.. will never forget what he did to me. felt betrayed totally. well mr.... if you think you hate backstabbers.. i think you really backstabbed me real hard. because of that i think the relationship between us are abit cracked.. i think you are equally as evil as you are. stop hating backstabbers because you are one too.

tomorrow DLE.. ha... really tired.. wish had epresso and get cracking studying FM.

other than that... wish that Daphne really gets out of Singapore Idol.. perhaps getting free lessons from Christopher's mother really pays... sec 2... haiz.. mdm chia.. hahahahahahaha
i could have "trained" under his mom....
well.. because my results were dead rotten and Amanda did not want to participate in.. so what's the point. well should "thank" mdm Chia for giving us the chance.. but sorry not interested..

ha Today J.y. sent me a really sad message... she missed the rehearsals days for hide it and of course Bottled dreams. when think about it.. i really missed the guys and everything. i felt really bad about not participating the whole 2nd production.... i would like to do that but just sometimes on the weighing scale.. school's more important... plus being FOH is not thta bad... well.. next time...... i better like wear something PRESENTABLE. how embarassing it was. gosh... hahha. alright.. goodl uck for me styaing over ngiht to complete a measly thing... thati'm takig such a long time to complete it... obviously do not have the heart to complete it. thank goddness.. questions finally stop bombarding me.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

ha! this sounds really corny to some pple out there... me writing someone so long ago.. it doesn't sound like moi . heez. okay going to write it before going to regret it...really need to tell someone about it...

1) flip flops in the stomach when i go to the school- ha! hoping just to say "hi"
2) flip flop wheni check friendster - ha! Hoping to "send your friend a message"
3) flip flop when i spot the nickname under the "QTSS friends"
4) ha! ,memories about things during cookout
5) ha! memories about things that been said
6) ha! what if i did go to another school.
7) just dun bother at all..... the good ole' memories... if i said something... at least somethings might be diff
8) Blessing in disguise totally.... i guess.
9) just goody old memories about secondary school. ha!


1) flip flop during breaks
2) flip flop in the canteen
3) flip flop at the bus stop
4) just want to say hi!
5)pretty angry about the co-op thing- you cut the queue.. and it was my turn
6) kinda flip flop at the "yellow brick road"
7) ha! subject mates?
8) something abt that Diana said okay i know.. its yonks but just bothers me now and then
9) during F and N class.
10) same school.. same area.
11) at the overhead bridge .