Thursday, November 25, 2004

Remember five years ago, there was this Barbie Princess competition.. its actually some little beauty queen title. This little girl joined the competition and then she went on representing Singapore in the USA, and i think she beat others to the crown. Well. this little girl has grown up into a fine young lady with PSLE results of 200+.(200 - 210) should she thank her parents for letting her go to dances: chinese, social, etc. with all these activities of course you results will suffers. Hello! its the modern times lor! Its not as if you are not going to be a concubine candidate where you have to be pretty, know how to dance, know this, know that. and now, she has to be ended up in Queenstown. all i have to say: One Christopher Michael Lee is enough, Queenstown do not need another. enough said.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Politics. Jealousy. Rage. Protection.
First piece of advice: The higher you aim, the harder you fall.
Second piece of advice: The more you play, the stake goes higher
Third piece of advice: Never become too emotional or be implusive.
Fourth piece of advice: Never let the one you love be a part of your game. You will lose the person.
Fifth piece of advice: Be patient.
Sixth piece of advice: life is a boomerang. What goes, come back.
Seventh piece of advice: do not think of revenge.
Eighth piece of advice: Never judge a person by its cover
Ninth piece of advice: secrets are just meant to be secrets.
Tenth piece of advice: Beauty = war.
Eleventh piece of advice: A player has no conscience, even if the man/ woman she/he loves is sacrifaced.
For anything, even your kin can betray you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

War and beauty
If you are trememdously beautiful, a war will start against you
The real or reel world, but still the world is full of politics, bribery, and scandals. after watching the show War and Beauty, the one who plays the most politics suffers the most. The men she loves. ahem. M.E.N. not M.A.N. one dies, another left her at the lurch, everyone turned against her. even her daughter died, haiz........ life oh life..

Play the game well, my friend*. We can always take up the challenge.

* you know who are you...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Open house yesterday! Was invited again to another one, bt not going lor.
aisha i think she came at like ard 8 with her brother ( of course i missed her, cos we went off at 7.30) and i'm nt sure what time did farhannah came. so, that made me the first to come and first to go 2b02-ian. For non 2b02 affliation: me, wan, JY, Audrey, Sam Lim, and Sam Salleh. yeppie.. that's abt it though. enjoyed. took a 20 station stops back to Dover and reached home by 9. =)

Friday, November 19, 2004

"Pat the dog while changing the light bulb."
William Darcy on Indian dance.
that somehow explains to me that i have watched Bride and Prejudice. Well...its funny especially some parts that shouldn't be there, there was an African American Chruch choir singing English to a Hindi tune, baywatch lifeguards appearing at the end of the song... hmm.. trying very hard to imply to the audience - hey! hello! we are in L.A.!
the tunes in the songs are mainly Hindi. Aishwarya rai look great and sounded great in English... well that's why she's Miss India for Miss World competition. overall i think its quite similar to most Hindi flims- just translate to English and add in a few more Caucasians and "POOF" you will get Bride and Prejudice.
well.. after bride and prejudice. we went back to takashimaya and stopped for the first busker performance. its nice and everything. but the performers were a bit sarcastic. not everyone is like that in Australia. but true enough the crowd was a bit disappointing. A guy isn't sporty enough, when one of the sisters called him out to perform, HE RAN AWAY! :S its an honor for you to be selected. hmmm. Well the aussies expected more credit to their performance, everyone seemed dead or really bored of the programme. i think its really mean man! as a performer of course who wouldn't want your audience to feel appreciated for what you have done, i still think that Singapore has a long way to go. i think by setting up the Esplanade is just a waste of money. Singapore has not reached the point where arts is part of the life. let's not talk about the Esplanade or any threatre company out there. Just talk about NP. i just feel weird lah when friends don't come to cca plays. Peharps just shrugged it off by saying "Oh no money" this and that, its like the perfect excuse of the world, but don't you feel that the actors and actresses put in alot of effort into this play and then by just shrugging it off and it well settle everything. for one person who says" Oh no money" "oh no this and that" that means one person less will attend the play. how would you feel that if you are on stage and everyone just walked out of room. this is how we feel. I mean just five bucks lor. if you can spend like a couple of tens on an expensive thing, why not take out five or more to a school play. Singapore says they are funding the threatre companies so that people will become artsy, it will take a very long time cos from a very young age, Singaporeans are not exposed to these kind of thing. it will take very a long time or a very short while more for the theatre companies to shut their doors and the Esplanade is just a White Elephant. Sometimes i wonder what the government is funding is worth it or not. So much for Street Busking.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

there's definitely something going on

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

not excatly halfway around the world.........................

Singapore ---- Nanjing -------- Singapore----- Tapei...

but still the luggages went to Nanjing without them. it was the singapore check in ground crew's fault. the previous check in grp were going to Nanjing. well human error.. there's always will be. plus they got SGD 210 from SIA ( ahem its 2pax- 210) yeah.... so hmmm hmmm hmmmm hmm... they almost got to see a taiwanese politician... hmm better not see than see. earthquake when they reached the HuaLian. the thing is that.. PHEW. because of their lost luggages, they delayed the grp for 30 mins and it delayed the journey to Hualien. so by the time they got there, the earthquake was already GONE.. CIAO, AU REVOIR... and then gotten into a jam lah.. cos the quake was a sea-quake? so yeah! kewl!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Welcome to the real world man!

i think Garry is JINXED man.. he doesn't go well with BUSES! usually WITHOUT him, i'll managed to catch the bus, with him, HA HA HA .. i don't catch the bus?!
Firstly, 106 to P.S., we reached the bus stop and then the bus pulled out from the curb. (There was a huge traffic jam and were LATE meeting Gramps)
Secondly, 111, to Aunty Kim's house , we were at the traffic junction, the bus just took off
Thirdly, 195 to Ikea, we were at the BUS STOP, the bus driver told us "BEHIND BEHIND" : that means there isn't space for us to board the bus.. i was like cursing and swearing at him. if he hadn't slowly STROLL and thinking whether to eat at the kopitiam ha! we wouldn't be late.

i think he would be a TAXI kind of person. Everywhere also want to take TAXI.. just because my mom left MONEY and so we can spend it like crazy....
last night we waited for a taxi at my aunt's place for like 10 minutes. with him, ha. a few minutes a taxi came.

talking about P.S. sorry Anna! Discounts isn't working today! and managed to get a glimpse of the Final Three Singapore Idols. - Taufik, Olinda and Sly, Taufik.. nope didn't see him., Olinda - her red hair, Sly- his shades. that was what i saw. Daniel Ong was giving out posters and pple were screaming.. just nice gramps bought something and was rolled up into a tube, i took it out and SHOUTED to Garry : Who wants a poster?! hahahaha! L-A-M-E- i know.. pple were more interested in the Singapore Caps ,Handphone strands i guess.. but when i looked for Garry in Times the bookshop, GIRLS (TEENAGERS) were standing at the windows looking down at the idols! They were spotted by a staff who asked them to leave, they wouldn't .. they sorta shriek when Sly or Olinda or Taufik came onstage. then the staff asked for the security guard in the bookstore and then they STILL wouldn;t budge.... and then i dunno..

Finally DAPHNE Khoo is outta of Singapore Idol. HA! sINGAPORE finally has eyes and ears! WOo HOo!

alright.. my Punjabi neighbour gave us chocolates for Devapali. oooo so nice.. and sweet... sms-ed them to get a gift for them in return. FINALLY after four days of non-luggages they finally got back their stuff.. ahahah! i guess the luggages went around the world before arriving in TAIPEI! Halfway around the world! - courtsey of A*Teens... maybe Chennai? Mumbai? Japan? Shanghai? and then Taipei. hahahahha!

ahem.. Perry looks weird in his NS style hair. trust me.. i tried to control my laughter when i saw him. ahhahaahahhahahahah! alright.

song for the day: Edwyn COllins- never met a girl like you before ( no relations to this person in particular)

Friday, November 05, 2004

Movie Maniac Me...
a.k.a M3
why did i say so? because i went to watch CELLULAR again yest. chuckling at the funny parts once more and gripping my seats at the exciting part.. all because of who? its all because of : the ever disgusting ignorant ego bombastic GARRY LIM who wouldn't give a damn watching ladder 49 and insisted on Cellular. well..not that bad afterall.. i get to see Chris Evans a bit more. =P yeap... yeap yeap.. the girlfriend is Jessica Biel and too bad.. the credits roll too fast and i couldn;t even type the song name into my "cellular". olright. as lame as my title, i sign off
"what you called your son "ricky martin" ?!"
"WL SU U 2"
"Its a DAY SPA!"

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Chop! Chop! Chop! chop! going back to rehearsals.. yep! we are having our December Production... this time around.. i leave my post ( FINALLY) as the F.O.H. (Front of House) for Stage Manager. I really like this kind of stuff.. you get to rotate roles all the time. the first time. i was assisting J.y., acting, and front of house.. and then, the second time, i'm supposed to assist J.Y but just was i about to assist her, ta-da.... come here my mentor screaming at us so that we can do our FP well ( well................. i doubt i can do well.... =X) so i can't assist her.... right now.. she is graduating... i'm taking the role of the stage manager.. and wan is teaching me too... Thanks Wan.. at the same time understudying the role of Production Manager.

well.. this time we are doign "There shall be roses" its sooooo sweet.... soo touching... shalt not say anything about "There shall be roses". but its really a sweet story.... and i can see Leonard and Jo or Rahman and Sara playing the role.... cool so people MUST COME OKAY!

John kerry should win the election


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Friend is "sufferin a major crisis" because he is enlisting to NS on 11 dec.. and his "A"s is a fortnight away.

Monday, November 01, 2004

song of the day : robbie william's millennium

aching all over (again) .... just recovered from last week and then today ache all over again...

guess who i met in Kallang yesterday?! "Mario"! yeah i met her. i was passing by the canoe centre then i saw this girl who looks ALOT like her. and someone wearing that unmistakeable blue color Ngee Ann poly P.E. shirt. yeah.