Thursday, March 31, 2005

to the particular salesperson : you can't sell, you can't talk, what else can you do?

Being a salesperson, you must :

1) know your product
2) keep your product neat and tidy a.k.a dust free.
3) know the EXACT price of your product .. dun say something like " less than$100" [ 10 cents also less than $100..... (a.k.a anna's words) ]
4) Know the prince of your product off your head.. dun go and calculate here and there.
5) do not say " Wait ar" ... no customers want to wait.
6) do not say " Don't tell anybody i give you this price" ... WTF?! wah... i understand because of competition.. but.. that sounded so kiddish.
7) i mean from a hundred you can give discount up to 60%.. dun you need to earn some profit? and also you're that generous?
8) Boy, study more in this line...obviously you're some school drop-out or school leaver, prrrrrtttt.

So much for EVA's PQS.
Anna and I have shared some questions what people will ask usually aunties and uncles and surveyors and some irritating salespeople.
questions that people will ask
1) So you're studying ?
2) Which course are you in?
3) Oh you mean there's such courses? Which school?
4) So you like children ar?
5) Is it stressful?
6) What you do there?
7) So you are planning to be a kindergarten teacher? That's interesting..
they give you this sweet smile and then you just answer yes all the way because if you ever answer them that you want to do something other than teaching, they will look at you with that confuse look and then just pretend that they understand and smile...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

yes... i'm not so happy about it..

the situation is getting crazier and crazier day by day..
give me a reason ( a la the corrs) why you are treating us like that.
No apparent reason and you don't want to say fine.. then stop treating us like some shit.
The situation is so bad that even one your friends had to send an e-mail SECRETLY to us. wahahhah! that's a living joke.
if you think that our group is not fit to be part of the class, please say it out.
oh its okay, i dun see why five girls can't be self contained. so what?! ppprrrrrttt...
literally those were the days.

speaking from an angry and jealous point of mind.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Going to spend my first few days of holidays wheezing and coughing...

tres pardon mon fere.... n'est pas cinematique...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sorry people... had to delete two posts.. it has caused problems.. thankfully the blog is back to normal. tomorrow i'm going to miss the repeat telecast of 'love and again"..... bleahx.. nice cantonese show.. GOING to watch it during the holidays. MUST watch!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'll never end, we'll sing and dance forever and a day.
Gosh... so sentimental. Okay. I so going miss that person... he was so prominent when i was in year one.. wah.. it seems like yesterday.. worked alongside for slightly more than a month. became a good friend.. great..going to miss his quarrels with Jy and sorts of course, JY is going to miss him MORE than the entire club is going to be. So sad that another of my friend is going to NS..
Right.. can't wait to see the rest tml! woo-hoot!!!!!!!! MISS them so much.. hrm.. better print that important doc by tonight so that i can let Adi sign and pass it back to SDAR by Monday.. So much for 5 day work week.
so much for being around for 19 years and 5 days.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

classic case..

in the past people attain Immortality by being a hermit and mediating up in the mountains.

Now, people attain immortality by being a hermit and facing the computers in their locked room.

So for me, I'll become autistic by listening to the same songs REPEATEDLY in P.S. BK, stuck doing a paper on ASD. Characteristics of an individual who has Autistic tendency.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

blardi hell.. why does it always be the case of not so near yet so far. okay am i making sense. nvm. the case is that KL ain't VERY far, yet they have to choose KL. Singapore have better facilities why.. why.. why... CAN;T YOU COME TO SINGAPORE! oi! come leh! SINGAPORE is not as polluted as KL. COME COME COME!! can't the concert be n singapore...... very very sad. prrrtt.

read some people's blog just now.. got a big fat shock.. the person have changed 180. i guess is because of the environment factors. she wasn't like that. almost had an heart attack. didn;t expect her to be lke that. sad sad sad...

i missed them! !!! saw only two of them today.... had much fun today. talking to them. almost missed pegs class.. gave an excuse tt was raining heavily.. actually didn't wanted to go for class. but then... one of them kept tempting me. well. i DIDN'Y give into temptation. went for a 15 min class. and said my goodbyes. wahahah!

i'm now doubly, triply, sad, tired, thirsty, craving for telly, craving for parties, craving to slack with me mates.

PLEASE BSB! come to signapore for promotional stuff.,... and PLS.. let ur album release during the holidays.
1) Wee-o-weet! thanks to Sukuna, i have no mood to celebrate fp...

2) Thanks to everyone

3) thank you BSB for coming back again.. wee- woo-weet

4) thank you

5) thank you.

said my thanks. thank you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Everybody..... backstreet's back alright

crazy over them ... going to be crazy over them once again.. even my passwords are associated ith them.. see? how crazy i was... really glad that they are back. Gosh 5 years.!!! see.. 5 years of abscence.. oh yeah.. the last time i was crazy about them was in sec 2.. then... slowly lost interest in them... even pictures, folders, posters of them are all GONE now.. remember the days where smash hits use to feature them like CRAZY. Lime WAS THE hottest mag around ( sorry but LIME is now the lamest magazine around) backstreet fever back! ahhh... a.j.mclean.... ahhhhhhhhh..