Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Anna and me proclaimed our love for them by doddling on our notebooks and Harveen thinks we are mad! We started singing their songs wahahah!!! We are just plain fanatics.. Com'on! THEY ARE COMING!!!

Now, we feel regretful throwing away their posters and their collectibles... well... they went into seclusion what! and i thought that they were gone for good.... I really miss that life size poster that smash hit gave out! it was HUGE and it was nice. That was Black and Blue... GOSH.. i have Black and Blue!! wahahahhahahah I love them!!!! but technically they are men.

Backstreet Boys!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wo Yao!!! Wo Yao!!!
(I want! I want!!)
Its only 16 pounds!!!AHHHHH!!!
I'm positively sure there's something more than meets the eye. I have been bumping into IOM people for this two days. Wells other than the regulars, Khamal and Johannes, it seems to i've bumped into Taufik first, Shad and then Danielle... and then i kept bumping into Adi in the library. And today, i bunped into Aishah, Zana, Joel, and Yi han!!!!!! there's something fishy going on... i know its like the 3rd month anniversary of IOM ..I am so happy to bump into people and very please with myself while sending tabs messages like "evil laughter haahahahha!!!! i saw xxxxx hahahahaha evil laughter" okay i'm sadistic... making tabs saying stuff like "Whatever eddy" followed up with rolling of her eyes.. wahhahahahah!!! evil evil evil. Wells its MY LUCK. wahahah! Eat this Tabby! Well.. after seening ALMOST all the conspirators, i have not seen the one we (you know who you are ) conspired against ( AHEM WE ALL KNOW! ) . Thankfully!!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

everyone wants him to come back into their lives,
but obviously they can't nor he can.
photographs and memories are left in the heart
it is a safe that no robber can pry into.
all they can do is cry
all they can do is mourn
their world is draped in black
they know he's blessed.
they know he's loved
kisses and hugs were shared.
tears and shouts were heard.
He planted a tree in everyone's heart
a tree that never withers nor bore
all he wanted was
a place in our hearts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Did i ever mentioned that Leyton Hewitt is sooo goood looking and pro.. but too bad.. he's taken by Bec Cartwright. Aussie Soap Opera star and they are expecting their first kid. I knew there was something on going on between them. Oh i remember reading about their first meeting in the Aussie Teen Mag.. ooooo i missed them!!! I bought them wheni was in Melbourne.

okay this blog entry is so unnecessary.

more ranting = unproductive work.
I will always remember Savage Garden. I am so glad that they are coming out with a greatest hits. I knew i loved you was such a popular song during secondary one- two. remember listening it in Melbourne in my disc man while travelling around the City. Love that place. that is one place i want to go before (ahem) i die. if not i'll die feeling regretful. the pizza at crown casino is fab. ESP THE Seafood one great.. its like a zillion times better than the Pizza Hut ones. Of course gotta make it a point to "visit" Calvin - if i ever have the chance or rather if he's not back in singapore, speaking of which i have not contacted him in a zillion years. okay i;m just ranting about melbourne. its soooooooooooooo gorgeous. PLease. sponsor me to melbourne. perhaps i am able to convince my parents well enough that i can go off to Melbourne to study. tttsssskkkkk~~~~!!!!!! Hehehhe~ maybe i should ask calvin whether monash offers psychology- which i think its a useless question cos most uni offer social science classes.

more ranting = less productive work done.

Monday, November 14, 2005

I sent an e-mail to a particular Shanghai Hotel yesterday and today i received the quotation with the first sentence : Thank you for being interesting to our hotel. i was like " hrm" Perhaps, Perhaps, the Sales Manager made a typo or he really did think that its "interesting" Well. its up to you to justify whether the Shanghainese, the so call Most modern Chinese People in China speaks good english. Well i shall see and observe.. cos when i holiday there i'm not going to speak Chinese - my chinese is nt fantastic. he-he-he- he-------
anna: I will get you the Black CHinois top with dragons.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Julius Caesar, The REAL deal.

why it all happened. just because of one girl..

well well well. we all know Cleopatra is some beauty and everyone wants her . and we all know cassius conspire against Julius Caesar. but hey. do you want ot know the real reason?

because. Cassius wanted the girl himself.

but the girl was shared between 2 men. caesar, and mark antony. So in order to get the girl, he has to kill the husband right? So he ganged up with Brutus so is so blur like sotong, don;t know that Cassius is using him as a tool to kill Caesar so that Cassius can get what he wanted all along.. the girl.

but wait, there come another man, Octavius Caesar. he wanted the girl too. but mark antony was already ahead of him. So in the end Octavius and mark fought. you can actually obsrved the emotions that octavius was expressing : teh way he look into her eyes and then the way he squeezed her chin. affection i say.

perhaps even artemidorus wanted the girl himself. he told Caesar not to go the senate cos he planned tto have a rendevous withthe girl in the senate.

weelll sad portia killed herself over jealousy. that brutus spending more time with the people in the senate and not taking care of her while she's sick.

calphurnia is one sad soul. no ones loves her and wants her. jealously takes over the reins and she had a cat fight with cleo- the girl

well... the maids and servant had a something on in the midst of their masters and mistress' scandals. lucius, charmaine and calp's maid has a triangle relationship but in the end cleo went home and then maybe calp's maid and lucius stareted this underground relationship

Well techincally calphurnia is wanted, she has a secret admirer!!! . that;s why king p wants to kill caesar.. perhaps, take his wife. but. cleo killed him before he could.

memorable quote:

mark antony - "i just want the girl"

Anthony sings to Usher's "I need a girl"

Julius caesar sings" i don't wanna know" six feet under

cleo and charmine will go "survivor"

calphurnia will sing mary j blige " no more drama"

portia and brutus will be like singing ' i want to spent my lifetime lovng you"they made up

cassius will go "Lonely"

decius will go "i'm so pretty. oh so pretty"- flaterring himself as always.

mettilus cimber will sing some diva-ih song....

the soldiers will just be some mat song.........

conspirators will sing " i want it that way" then do some boyband-ish dance moves

endnote: shakespeare turns in his grave. shai sues us ..

done by : Eddy and Maman.
oh wells. i dunno la~ this is such a bleahx thing. AIYO~ this sucks. i want an answer qiuck lor.. aiyo

aiyo whatever the outcome is still bleahx

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

recently things are happening.. or should i say clique matters surfaced quite unexpectedly and we were taken by storm. Well obviously in a clique there's the bad guys and the good guys. Its like a "to be or not to be" kind of thing. Its so literature when you have to refer this kind of situation back to the Lit books of Julius Caesar * that's something i have learnt from Ides of March. Whos' the real bad guy, Cassius or Caesar. Caesar was a tyrant, and Cassius was someone who help - u can put it that way; Rome by elimating Caesar. Everyone wants to be the nice guy but everyone has selfish thoughts- the best for oneself; kudos goes to Cassius, he wants the best for himself- to be the whatever of Rome. what am i talking about

Friday, November 04, 2005

Disgusting Project mates

Oh wells. back to school means more project to be done.. cos this semester is purely project based, but of course lecturers have their ways to test us by having class quizzes and sorts.. oh wells. whatever
back to the topic .. let me teach you how to spot disgusting project mates okay:

1) They laze around (i.e. sleeping, say nothing) when the both of you are like pouring over notes
2) They bring boyfriends to meetings
3) They are always late - 30 minutes late or EVEN later
4) They TRY to digress to other topics
5) They are un street friendly- singapore dumb- dunno where the fast food restaurant is located 6) They shut up when you are dicussing with the another partner.
7) They comment that they are going to miss their fav TV programme during meetings- p.s: the tv programme is erm.. kinda like a la american idol.
8) They talk to their friends for quite some time saying that they check their e-mails, but never acknowledge the fact whether they received yours (e-mail)
9) it was you and the other partner travel all the way down to Tampines to get a book from the library.
10) Its you and the other partner who did the research and wrote whatever research they could fine in a notebook.
11) They submit really shitty work.
12) They asked you really weird question : "have to print or not" like duhz.
13) They type word for word from the draft; By GEORGE. they understand shorthand to simple french~ -- absolutely disgusting
14) Worst still cant type properly but can check e-mail- other friend's e-mail
15) only thing that they contribute : buy the folder
16) They make use of the cut and paste icons more often than everyting in microsoft word.
17) Zero research done.
18) When their project mates are going through the work that the disgusting one submitted to them, the POOR project mates had to cancel the entire paragraph worth of rubbish.

When the lecturer return you the work the following semester:

19) "Oh our work, we get A ar"
20) Insist that she brings the work home cos she bought the folder

these kind of peope ought to be shot
Oh wells. BTW i think you are absolutely disgusting, selfish and seriously i think you are worst than the person tt you hate.