Wednesday, December 28, 2005

hehehehe. i'm back!!! heheh whatever la! okay Shanghai was pretty okay~ i must say shanghainese guys are good looking..of course the bane is that they smoke la~ which is a bit disgusting. HAHAHA! I MET THE GUY WHO TYPED: ThankYou for being interesting in our hotel" wahahahahahah! interesting guy though who reccomended us a place better than Ding Tai Feng.. but that place is like a basement storeroom. of course good food dun come in good packinging. I thought i saw good looking guys with blue eyes and sandy brown hair with asian features.. but they are the xinjiang people ( chinese muslim)-------- just for you Anna!
food is VERY cheap in Shanghai. I think my hotel's doorman is cute.

1) Park Hotel was nice, comfy
2) PEACE h0tel was gorgeous]
3) Shanghai was very cold. first day : -2 degrees to around 8 to 12 degrees.
4) shopping was pretty good

to be continued.... tabs' calling.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Here i am using the free access, as usual.. a typical singaporean would do. FREE... free.. how i love freebies. It;s gouing to be my second time going to cheenaland... OH THE SUPER CUTE MAT!!! HE IS SOOO CUTE... Anna you hands off la! He's so babyface la! anna you should come down to the airport to check him out yourself. cute cute cute. heheheh!! i'll try to blog when i',m in shanghai. oh wells. ENJOY YOUR holidays peeps. BTW MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Singapore sucks !!Singapore sucks Singapore Sucks!!!... how i hate singapore!! Singaporean sucks Singaporean Sucks. they stink.. they suck, they are assholes and bitches. Singaporean sucks Singapore sucks.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

nothing "happening" happening in my life lately unless you call this list rather 'happening"

1) wireless internet no longer working.
2) stuck to broadband tt goes on 3.4 mbps compared to 24.0, 36, 48 or 56.0 mbps wireless network.
3) A bunch unfinished projects due when school reopens
4) A bunch k-i-v project discussions that never seem to happen..
5) An unpacked room with a new chest of drawers coming in on Monday.
6) being a disapointment to pple and some people in particular disappointing me.
7) Autocratic leadership obsessed friend ( which in turn i obsessively hate = poor leadership)
8) An obsessive freeloading friend ( which in turn i Also obsessively hate)
9) A friend who is obsessively petty and is a tart in person
9) An overly irritating friend
10) Stepping down on Tuesday
11) broke for good
12) jobless
13) replacement classes from 9 to 3 pm
14) having to work on a project up to the last minute before i leave
15) Staying in Singapore for the next 5 days
17-) Living on 3.4 mbps broadband internet. ( oh yeah)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

so call Indie Rock never really sound THAT good.
All I want for Chirstmas is this!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I am a cloud in the sky,
A chance shadow on the wave of your heart.
Don't be surprised,
Or too elated;
In an instant I shall vanish without trace.
We meet on the sea of dark night,
You on your way,
I on mine.
Remember if you will,Or, better still, forget
The light exchanged in this encounter.
this particular poem is made into a chinese pop song in the 70s era yep yep yep.
and i depise, detest but yet admire him at the same time.
I detest yet admire Lin Huiyin at the same time ( i apologise the incorrect spelling in my previous bl0g)
I admire Chang You-I ( i apologise for the incorrect spelling in my previous blog)
I think Lu Xiaoman is disgusting even though she is prettier than Chang You-i
this is like the first time i used a title for a blog entry.. but its what the entire day feels to me...
1) I went to watch PERHAPS LOVE (and dun mind watching it again)
2) Got a free starbucks drink- and its TAZO.... ( hehehhe have always wanted to try that drink but its just too expensive)
3) Hyperventilate over JI JIN HEE during PERHAPS LOVE. HE IS SOOOOO GORGEOUS IN THAT FEDORA. ( Sorry anna for pulling your shirt and poking you)
4) FINALLY completed my PED and submit it yesterday
5) went for two edvance talks.. one - NUS arts and social science and UNI SIM arts and social science. ( hehehe pulled hoonie and anna along for the UNISIM one)
Oh btw.. yep went to the UNISIM arts and social science talk.. oh wells.. ui have to work for 2 years before i can go for the psychology courses there. oh wells. I see my chances of going to NUS is like only 5 % cos my poly grades suck and my GCE kinda sucky too... and i am left with like 5% of my cca grades. oh wells.. will think about that when i apply...
woah!!1 i tell you ar! the lecturer from NUS sociology is A COOL DUDE!!! his dressing is soooo super cool. and he has a ear stud. COOOOOLLLL.. not like those oldie goldie lecutrers maybe like Morrie Schwartz.. but MORRIE is cool too.. enjoyed the book tuesdays with morrie but quite unfortunately never got around to complete it.
AND I swear wheni go Shanghai I WILL BUY PERHAPS LOVE SOUNDTRACK. i figured out what is soundtrack in chinese so yeah getting that.. perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps... i will get the ahem version.. wahhahahahah!! that calls for money saving techniques eh!
completed mission number one by watching PERHAPS LOVE with ann.. LOVED IT. Its like a cross breed/ bred between MOULIN ROUGE and CHICAGO. LOVE JI JIN HEE AND ZHOU XUN they are fantastic.. of course i'm not saying that Takeshi and Jacky ain't good or something but i watched the movie because of the movie and the because of these two actors.. maybe i could relate to ZHOU XUN because im currently reading a semi autobiography of Chang Yu--i, technically the first divorcee of modern china and the wife of the romantic chinese but western influenced poet Xu-zhi Mo. If you're chinese you would be sorta familar with one of his famous works "Chance". Well Chang Yu-i is XU Zimo's first wife and then his gf at cambridge was Lin HuiLin and in one of the chinese drama : something April. or April something Zhou Xun played Lim Hui Lin.. hahahahah!!! i;m so glad... oh btw about that xU zhIMo show... Rene Liu played Chang Yu-i ( rene liu is my fav chinese singer) wahahahh!!! and then his second wife, Lu Xiaoman was played Li neng jing.. Yu cheng jing's wife.. wahhahah!! the drama was good man.. but i enevr get around to finish watching it or something.. but after readin the book, i feel that XuZhimo IS someone no good.... Lu Xiaoman is a family wrecker.. oh gosh!! i have been ranting too much.
oh wells... But i would stil prefer NUS and now i'm torn between sociology and psychology.. someone ENLIGHTEN ME.