Sunday, January 22, 2006

countdown to last day of school: 3 weeks.. yes... 3 weeks,

then i'll go MOS.. yes. finally i really need a good break.. oh wells.. as usual.. me and gillian did the talking and anna did the writing.. i was soo freaking thirsty after all the shit. I have no patience or whatsoever already.. i'm bored. seriously BORED. i need to go clubbing!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A thousand apologies to Shaiful.. well.. i bought myself and anna the Perhaps Love OST.. well actually i thought of him though. i was standing at the counter thinking whether i should buy the perhaps love cd for him too..even wanted to sms him.. but sms too expensive, so just took another PERHAPS LOVE OST for anna lor.. i was thinking.. if Anna don't want the OST i'll prolly sell it to shaiful. oh wells.. its freaking cheap lor! 10 bucks only and the ORIGINAL DVD IS LIKE 2 BUCKS PLUS! GOSH! shopping and food in china is sooo cheap. oh wells whatever.. looking at my darling schedule.. no time for any EXTRA curriculum activities ...