Saturday, February 18, 2006

woot woot woot..


you know i saw this guy on the bus on last tuesday. I thought he was kinda cute.. rob thomas look-alike and all..told Anna about him during class. But he alighted at SIM.
So during lunch, i went to meet the girls andd then suddenly the same guy came in with Malvin ... i was like "?!" was very execited cos i met him on the bus. Gill that woman was like "Yeah eddy i know you very execited" =_= such a concidence lor!!!

The following Monday

i was on the bus, on the way to Geraldine's class. I SAW THE SAME GUY AGAIN! i was like mesaging Anna.. yadda yadda

early this morning ...
I saw the SAME GUY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! this time.. its RED ALERT cos he is related to a certain someone and yeah~~~~ wah that was heart attack.,

but anyway.. its over cos he smokes
went to Harv's b'day part yesterday evening...

6 45 pm : met Gill and Anna

8pm : Met Harv and Nimesh

8 15pm: watch this witchy show on HBO

9pm: Harv came back. became flushed drinking cranberry vodka and screwdriver , and vodka with pineapple

10pm: watched White chicks and people are streaming in.

10 30: finished watching white chicks.. waiting to cut the cake at 12... got pissed off with the fucking captain of Nimesh's for banging on the door and ass said "Manners" fuck!!!!


12am: the girls went emo.. cut the cake, went a little crazy, flirted with a worker working at the bar downstairs, signaled to him that i want a bottle, stole harveen's bacardi breezer Lime and drank it with the girls.

1am: .Cab fare was paid by Nimesh's colleague ( thanks dude) went to Attica - that's when the fun starts. of course withouth someone.. its so much fun
1) got picked up by an ang moh. ( will talk about him in a while) got a peck on the cheek from gil because i got picked up. got slapped by Harv for letting him go. The girls were SHOCKED.
3) had a minor heartattack, saw Mal's classmate, the ang moh ( will talk to you later about him)
2) Dance a little with an ang moh while the girls just stared at me - slightly dumbfounded.
3) dance to weird songs.
4)Harv and company left us,.
5) had free drinks from the waiter- cranberry vodka
2.30 : dad called. left the club.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

YEAH!!!!! i HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR MOE'S INTERVIEW FOR SPECIAL NEEDS OFFICER !!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have progressed 50% .. way to go eddy-wina! Best pressie for last day of school!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

My favorite part of the musical... seeing how Julius Caesar die... wahhahahaah--- ( no offence shad)

above group of people are the soldiers- absolutely the coolest and craziest buncha of guys. enjoyed their company to bits!!!

Technically i'll be graduating in three days time... before i receive my cert memories of some stuff before i graduate i'd better upload some pics yeah.. wells these are pictures frm my production.. the most memorable, the most tiring, the most stressful, the most politics involved, and these are the people who make the bulk of my friendster account .... ehehheeh thanks to wahhaha! and of course Jy who simply gave the link

picture below... two coolest cast and the vainest guy i ever known ( no offence, but its the truth) wahahah !!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

i'm bored..... waiting for 6.30 to come.. and its like another an hour and a half... lost my thumbdrive.. bleahx.... its a jet flash 128Mb.. oh wells i have to get another one it seems..hrm... better by this week though. cos there are moutain load of projects due next week and of course crazy printer doesn't work well. and damn. my picture for the SNO is GONE... and i guess i'll have to scan another just in case.

oh wells speaking of SNO. it went pretty well. the person looked quite impressed and so..hopefullyi will be selected for the programe... oh damn. presentations are boring. thank goodness that i dun have to do anymore this sem cos i have another week of school. Monday's ast class is absolutely important.. 10 class participation marks.. woah.. that will make or break me man! i want want want want.. okay shall not say anymore and get a thumb drive asap.
hahahaha... having presentation now.. i mean others having presentation la.. okay ciao.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

a heartbreaking and nerve wrenching situation happened one after another.....

1) Memoirs of a Geisha is not fantastic
  • the entire show is the summary of the book
  • the casts have no chemistry.
  • The scriptwriter distorted the book - things shouldn't be happening happened
  • What is Zhang Zi Yi doing there.... ?????
  • Gong Li's english is not too bad!
  • they focus too much on Zhang Zi Yi..
  • 3 and half stars out of five.

2) if we had taken the other route to the toliet...

She turned away. i was like huh?

i thought i saw him.. SERIOUS !!

then i took a second look...

OMG(oodness) my eyes were big~ i let out a scream, i ran.

i thought he saw us...

oh my goodness........ FAINTS.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

at the brink of despair i received quite a number of calls.

1) A call from Gill about MOE calling her [ plunged downwards]
2) from Aunty Eileen about a job at annabelle's centre [ which was not so bad cos i managed to call the centre and going to have a job interview on monday after ASECS meeting]
3) then a call From MOE (YAYYYYY!!!) ... finally..
4) Shah asking me for help to "wrap" Jo' around in a toga.

actually i recevied more than four calls.. oh wells... if money don't go out means money don't go in..

now that i have either the MOE or the childcare job, i think i'll give up NUS. i dun even have the heart to write three 1000 words essay and pay 10 dollars just to go online to submit my application form. bleahx. but anyway, i would like that French school job... hehehehehe!1 excuses for going back to french classes!!!!! wahahahahahhaha!!! J'aime FRANCE!!!