Friday, May 26, 2006

Feeling really fucking cheesed, pissed, angsty and everything and anything associated with Angry.

1) it took me twenty minutes to get on the cab from Orchard road just now.

2) i;m working at fucking 7 tommorrow. She thinks i'm fucking free. fuck the hell out of her.

3) Saturday i'm working at 7am. i fucking hate working on Saturdays.

i'm cheese working from 10am to 7am. the number of times i've been working that hour is countless.. brought back my time sheet to count the number of OT i've done. It's like my boss is freaking irresponsible to employ someone to cover the "fired" girl. i mean i've been working OT since FUCKING MID APRIL!! what the fuck! i mean she;s like NOT putting enough effort to find someone until recently. its not onyl tiring, the kids' crying is really giving me a bad fucking headache.

i kept thinking about the disputes between me and this girl. It just puts me off because it seems that i never seem to get along with her! its her fucking straightforwardness that puts me off. She thinks she's number one or something. HA! THANK YOU MOE for not selecting her. i think she really fucking deserves it. i mean fuck the straightforwardness, you're not the in the fucking position to pinpoint something. and why in the fucking hell should i allwo you to put your jacket in my bag while in Attica! ITS LIKE FUCK LAH!

had enjoyed myself with Adi. thanks for the dinner dude.. Even though i haven't thank him for it yet..

i'm like training for tomorrow night.. i'll prolly get home by 3 / 4am and then sleep by 4am and then wake up by 5am and then go to work. FUCK saturday. i'll prolly sleep my way through work. i wish i am late for work on saturday. can;t stand to see any children

i hate children. i;'m not going to have any children. i hate children. i hate children. i hate children. i hate children. i hate children.

i'll prolly kill my kid if they start cyring. i dun blame those mum who has post natal depression. i hate children.

feel like whacking those idiots when they start crying. THEY ARE GOD DAMMED FUCKING IRRITATING.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

thought of the day (morning) : how does it feels to wear slippers (a.k.a. flip flops) to work. maybe nobody will notice. i wanna try it!!!!!

thought at 8 17am: Maybe i should go to New Urban Male to buy my pair of Havaianas (flash. the one with the straps) while waiting for the usual late comers.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My mum got this NIKE Rockstar hip hop dance DVD from her fitness centre. so they have really SODDING cool tracks in the DVD.. REALLY SODDING R n B tunes, Rihanna, Destiny's Child, N.E.R.D. man... no 50 CENT. bleahx. okay. so i was checking out the dvd extras where you can actuially play a song and then practise your moves to it. me mother asked me to show me moves in the club to her. and i did it. after that i was " what the fuck did i do??!!"
Hahaha..finally updated me blog.. just that i can't find anything blog-worthy to blog about. wahhaha. Something blog-worthy was just right in front of my eyes last night on the train en route to Ngee Ann for PSF trainings.

there was this guy who was lying on the seats. He was occupying around 4 to 5 seats ( which meant that 4 to 5 people could have seats to seat.) He was sleeping like nobody's business, like he owns SMRT or something. He's like totally has no sense of manners or something. Around Redhill or something, he started snoring really loudly. HELLO!!!!! EW!

I'm not surprised if anyone whips out his/her digi cam and take picture about this guy and post it in his or blog. i mean this is an uncivilised act! true enough, there's guy who boarded the train at Commonwealth, saw that whipped out his digi cam and took a secret shot of the guy sleeping. ha! Why am i not surprised.

ed's totally disgusted. ew!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


i'm a silver cca award person..not to bad for someone.. i guess i miscalculated that i'm a gold award thingy.. oh whatever

somehow.. i truly understand how it feels to attend something and yet not getting any thing.. well i understand WHY Perry didn;t want to attend his graduation ceremony.

its the bits and pieces of how the human brain works... i truly suspect that in my clique its only me myself and i who is attending the graduation ceremony..

oh wells.. i suspect myself taking pictures with my psf friends as well as my iep group friends as well as the SDAR people...

whatever still i AM finally GRADUATING.

it beats better than not graduating.

Monday, May 01, 2006

been trying so hard to find this type of slippers... its soo hard... NUM doesn't have it. Isetan Scots doesn't have my size. Oh where?! can i find it!