Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i think throughout the three years in poly, and working , and then going for attachments, i was partially doing some soul searching... and today i found out that i am:

1) a structured person. i need a timetable all the time. without the timetable i'm gonna be sooo lost...

2) i need to do something. If you tell me to do something, i will do whatever you want me to do. for example, you suggest assisting the teachers, i will assist them. you can't just leave me doing nothing.

3) I won't trade Zara for This Fashion. that means i want that certain quality of life.

4) Give me a chance to fall and i will definitely excel another time.

5) I'm not your girly kind of girl

6) i need a job that shows what i can do best..

7) i'm quite stubborn

you think you know me yeah? hhehe

Friday, July 14, 2006

was having this in depth chat with the two of them while she attended her class ..about different Unis offering Psychology. i think its gonna be Griff in Gold Coast or NUS... must check with the Ministry about their credited instituitions. thats the only way to be an EP.

was my last day at the school today... aw... gonna miss Mrs Fawzi and Pegs. starting another work place on monday... dunno whether would it be as fun as GESPS... interesting time today... went for Charis' class, and ate and ate and ate non stop .. yummy...mrs fawzi stuff were yummy.. of course Charis' cake was super yummy too.. going to miss the school's fab food.. wonder if the school that i am posted to will have such yummy and cheap food

today i finally sorted broke the "ice" between me and philip... finally i was able to help him and spoke to him without much expserations ( i told you.. i;m dyslexic) he told me his heartfelt feelings about being.. you know lah.. i felt sorry for him instantly. i could tell that the both of them are trying VERY hard... but they will just fall back into each other's comfort cos they know how each other will feel. poor guys

I LOVE ME JOB... and really like hanging out with the 3 of them.. felt so comfortable.. everyday will just crap around FOR HOURS from say 10am onwards, we will chat and chat and chat and chat... all the way till 1 something and then "hey why are we talking about this" .. like doing resources we can just chat and chat and chat. non stop teasing that somebody with that somebody.. gosh.. must keep in touch !!! wonder if we will do projects together in shcool? wahah! i dunno..

p.s: why am i writing like that. words like YUMMY... bleahx

skeptical about stuff.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


OUCH.... my waist hurts.. this is an aftermath of dancing for 4 hours straight. ouch ouch ouch.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

heeheehee went to New Asia (home sweet home) Bar last night.. the crowd was fantastic and the music was fucking good.. - house, retro, r n b.. it was a good mix.. asked for Oye Mi Canto and the D.J. played it.. but i actually asked for Karma, he didn't play so nevermind. the music was fucking fantastic la! madonna, gwen stefani and N.O.R.E., nina sky and Black Eyes Peas. danced with some german guy (who was practically all over me..okay la we were dancing really sexily.(hehehe) danced with some ang moh who is old enough to be my dad... drank a glass of luxury martini, two jugs ofcranberry vodka (one jub was sonspored. wahahha, having sore throat now. dance till 1 something. went off.. fantastic life! NEW ASIA BAR RULES.