Friday, October 13, 2006

Received my postings yesterday..

Going to NHPS ( hehehehe) ..

had this wave of excitement like. Oh my gosh.. i'm working in a Primary School and its 9 bus stops away from house... so i can slowly sway to the bus stop and take the bus to work...

when Joanne was going through the stuff for TP... it suddenly struck me that its so simmilar with FP. 3 kids?! 3 kids?! again~ i think i think i think its gonna be a fun ride.. 3 kids wouldn't be sooo bad.. Dignostic reports and everything.. its soo fun doing them..hahaah you must be thinking i'm siao or what FUN doing dignostic reports and IEPs.. its such a fun process.. you actually see how creative you are.. the amazing stuff you churn out for the lesson plans and materials.. it ssoooooo ECH. maybe i shall pack my laptop and then watch youtube when i am free in the freezing staff room.. oops

its so cool lah! I need to wake up and smell Primary school COFFEE..

i get to see the school and then Violia.. it looks like i can;t wear heels.. the school is huge and then a lot of walking is required..and i sorta planned mentally what i am going to do during the holidays.

1) materials - the sandpaper letters.
2) materials - the wood but turned sand paper letters. Lower case and Upper case.
3) found a book on how the kids can write.. fantastic!
4) I LOVE making materials..

i dunno it seems really tiring doing assignments and stuff but its kinda sad that i should be returning to school campus 2 years later doing my degree.. well.. i need to get my degree eventually... but i would still lke to serve in the Ministry... they have so many things to do for the kids.. not exactly brainwashed.. but just love my job and lovin' it.

ps: i started reading once again

ps: i need to get a resource book using my 30% book voucher i get from Borders.

ps: i love shoes

ps: i love Borders

ps: i love GAP and Zara

what am i ranting about..

Monday, October 09, 2006

cliche - Been on a three months hiatus...

cliche - there are many things that happened within this three months.

cliche - I'm finally leaving school within 3 weeks

cliche - I'm going to miss the schools and the fellow lecturers and schoolmates

cliche- getting myself a new mobile like finally -----need a good one to last me for the next two years.

cliche - assignments assignments

cliche - the HAPPILY EVER AFTER korean dramas - Goong AND Full House .. they are sooooo smiliar!

cliche - MOVIES watched Scoop... waiting for "The Departed" and many more. ..

cliche - shopping = broke