Sunday, December 03, 2006

amazing fact for the day:

after deleting like all the songs from my mobil.. i found out that i am able to take 2000 pictures with the phone? what is so amazing is that 2000??????!!!!!! wow that's a hell lot of pictures that you can take with the phone.. its a little too scary...

12 december seems a long way man!
Pictures of the week ( rather pictures from DAS)

Mr Fitness standing beside his idols with glee ( PRRRTT Full House!!!)

something rather interesting... it says " Name your own price aquarium" hrm.. what if i say 5 cents?

The least thing i wanted to see after our 1 hour test... oh and its related to our test "Genetic Framework.." it says" Genetic Framework Gallery"

we are not interested in ARC.... zzzz... ( no offense to the ARC people)

DAS.... somewhat better...