Wednesday, April 27, 2005

having writers block. DIE.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Have you ever seen a LT turned into a club?
Well it happened.
PSF done it again.. WOO-HOOT!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

two people walking into Lt 73A.

JY: whos' that

Leonard : Clara ; Brutus' wife, Portia

JY: who?

Leonard: Brutus' wife. Portia

JY: Muthu's wife... ( that's what i heard)

geez... Brudder seriously need hearing aids.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

C'est tres traditionale.
to some, it might be ironic. but to me i feel that its respect and that's what your race does... goes to the graves and give respect. Yes. morning went for sermon then straight after went to the graveyard to burn paper. On our way there, i've experienced the largest traffic jam ever in my 19 years in the small island. I was stuck for an hour along a 5km road. The car was moving around 10km/h. geeezzzzzz?!! yes. it was that slow. the car practically moved like a tortise. well, there were some who gave up and starting walking to the graves. it was jammed all the way till S.A.F.T.I. almost gave up at S.A.F.T.I. to walk to the grave well its about 2 km from S.A.F.T.I. interesting. Then went to the great grandmother whom i've never seen her before, but heard she had binded feet and then took it (the binding cloth) out during the night, born during the last Emperor of China; yep.. Puyi.. ( gives him my sympathy). burn burn burn..... and by then was 12 44pm. well.. of course up next i have to go to my granddad's grave.. well duhz never seen him before, died in 1972.. geez... i was born like 10 odd years later. yep. there was ANOTHER massive jam. the car wouldn't budge AT ALL!! geezzzzzsssssssssssss.... okay armed ourselves with brollies, and hiked up all the way to the 1972 graves. and do our stuff there. well.. i was supposed to stuck some paper on his grave.... HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. so there i was.. sticking paper ONE BY ONE onto his grave. SSSLLLOOOWWW. okay... decided to act like those people who throw those papers into the air on TV. geez... bad imitation arh... okay. fine.. i was slow... everyone finished praying and i haven't .so Aunty Judy decided to help me. woo hoot. it was 2 plus...... by the time the paper money turns into ashes. so hike all the way down (halfway) my dad just reached. geeezzz. went down by another side. lots faster.. no massive jams. and then saw some burial going on.. WOAH.. they looked like they just came out from tv set.. rather they borrowed the suits from Mediacorp. what they wore was traditional chinese funeral clothes. I mean only HK people wear those. but in Singapore HARDLY. Interesting.... went to SP for well lunch, high tea, tea break? then went to CSC.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Thank you for the good weather today.
Thank you for giving me time to spend with my mates

I'm trying very hard to forgive my trespassers.
Please help me to find th goodness out of them.
but... ( hrm) its kinda hard for what they have done without telling us what WE have done wrong.

Oh... oh.. i love the cd that i've bought.
i know this shouldn't be happening.. but i'm actually thinking if i join a OLDER small group meeting.. ( wahahahaha sheepishly) i get to see that RUGBY guy.. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH! and also the guy who wears the same clothes ( erm) every week. trust me.. he has a nice voice, and not tt bad looking la. better that those adolescents around me sleeping while the assistance pastor was preaching. But honeslty ( oops) her sermon was er... er.. er... er.. boring. and its IN-SAY-SHER-BLE not IN-SAT-TI-ABLE. :S ...gosh. Kudos to me who stopped swearing in my head =)
call me miss wanton.

yesterday. yes. went to K box. from 1 plus to 7 10 pm. yes. with Ah-tu and Evan.

bought BOWIE Lam's CD from Sembawang for 9.90.. wooo hoot!!!!!!!!!! Crazy deal.

of course let me see what I ate during the day :

breakfast : vegetarian Bee hoon

lunch: Wanton noodles

Dinner : Wanton noodles ( at home)

so call me miss wanton.

the 3 of us bought 6 bucks worth of sweets from mini toons Hereens. and we thought we wouldn't be able to finish it. so evan took another three more bags from the store. well at the end of 7pm, we finished the entire bag of marshmallow and gummy bears and sorts.

at K box, we saw this cute waiter. We are thinking what age was he. so, we asked him. We guessed and found out that he was some school leaver, evan was saying maybe we could be his "sisters" in turn we get k box discounts and advise him to get back to school .. wahahahah!! sorry KID too young.

Tuesday session was nice. settled things that needed to be settled woo-hoot.

Friday, April 01, 2005

to some one in particular.... for all the thigns you have done whether in or outside some places. ..

YOU WERE MY FRIEND. Note the Past tense.