Tuesday, April 25, 2006

went for liza dably's talk on Friday with Anna and JY. interesting talk.. posed a picture with Liza Dably and got her autograph. its amazing how an American could become a geisha while obviously Chinese CAN'T be geishas because they really sucked at it.

You know what i am talking about.. - Memoirs of a Geisha, the movie. bleahx. ZZY sucked in the movie big time. that's liza dably in extreme left. this picture was taken after three unsuccessive tries.

Her autograph.. taken during the boring journey back home on the bus.

some other candid pictures taken while waiting for liza dably.

try to ignore the main picture.. but TRY TO CATCH the sub picture on the right. WAHAHAHA! just joking JY!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

UK UK ENGLAND ENGLAND EU EU ...I so wanna go these places!!!!!!!
Homeland of
Franz ferdinand
Shed 7
Richard Ashcroft
Jamie Cullum
Jamie Oiliver
Dorothy Perkins
Miss Selfridge
Marks and Spencer's
whatever la!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

i hate mops and mops hate me..

i'm terribly exhausted.. i've never done so much cleaning in my life.. really hate working on Saturdays.. i have to reach there by bloody 7 am and leave at bloody 2! thankfully there should be one more time then i'll BE G-O-N-E. ha! i wouldn't have to think of c.c.cs anymore ha-ha-ha-ha trying to make my life free of C.C.C.s as well as Ks. hahahahaah! evil evil evil...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

well. yesterday was the day i signed on the doted line.. being a civil servant sounds good... wahhah! my dependents ( which is me myself and I) have subsidies on stuff.... but anyway i feel good. had the day off though... ECH students take up 1/3 out of the 33 peeps in the room signing the doc. there could be more ECH students signing the thing. We shall see on the 26th June the day where the orientation will begin... That woman better take back her assignments on that day!
that's was what i saw on the screen..
of course. i re-applied.. but told myself to study for it.. ( I didn't study for today's test).. better study.... told myself once again..if i fail once again, i'm going to take buses and trains no matter where i am posted to. But i think its good if i'm posted to Henry Park or Fairfield Primary (even better.. walking distance only.. ha-ha)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

IF i EVER going to london to shop..i think what's in my bank accout isn't enough for my shopping expenses. there are so much things i wanna see/do/eat/shop in London..

well... i need to go :

  1. to Buckingham Palace, (i've seen the Queen and the Duke, so i need to visit the Royal house)
  2. to Harrods - no jeans, no backpacks, no slingbags....
  3. on the London Eye...
  4. to Nottinghill, London to check out scenes that Nottinghill was flimed
  5. to the sunday markets =)
  6. to Oxfam street for Dorothy, Selfridge, and Topshop to shop for clothe and shoes.
  7. to Marks and Spencer ( like duhz) to check it out!
  8. to Jamie Oilver's restaurant.
  9. to the Supermarkets there.. cos they have FANTASTIC, FABULOUS clothes and shoes there
  10. check out the CLUBBING scenes there
  11. check out the indie rock there.
  12. foood foood foood foood foood foood
  13. and perhaps to Paris for the day =)
  14. go on a ghost trail night.

Looking for sponsors, anyone care to sponsor me on a trip to London? Need Pounds as well as Euro!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Looks familar eh¬ of course la¬ you can find it in the train or buses for some matter...

okay buses, you close an eye to rules and stuff like that.. you eat in the bus don't ya like sweets and sometimes if the uncle is nice enough he will allow you bring up Yammi ice cream, IF only you don;t take advantage of eating it on board ( that's what happened to me.. i held the ice cream all the way to the Kindergarten i implemented my IEP.)

of course if the unlce scolds you, you can say, "eh uncle, the picture says i cannot eat hamburger or drink coke leh.. never say cannot eat yammi ice cream..." PLuheeezzzeeeee are you that EGOCENTRIC and you're still under Piaget's first level of cognition?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

well. apparently i met someone whose cognitive is well under Piaget's first level .. the person jolly-ed opened a packet of "chai fan" and have her lunch on board the bus!!! Well.. i can see rice and chinese cabbage and i smelt chinese cabbage as well.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sittin' Waitin' that's something that Jack Johnson would sing.. but in real life, there are people like me who are sittin' and waitin'... for the Np degree. which i find absolutely sad because, they say it will be finalised and then no news... no news.... and then they drop the bombshell that it is not feasible for the acad year 2006. which i think it made people wait for nothing.... i mean their intake is only 50 people.. and of course, the next batch's intake is alot stronger than my batch. like DUHZ people from the next batch would die die want to take the degree la! So, who's given more priority.. the folks who were truly dissappointed or the people with better scores? By then, the lot of us would have turned 21 and Np, eat your heart out cos people will be flocking to your neighbour and the partner of this diploma. hello. hello... empty promises.. isn't it ironic... we were taught that we shouldn't give empty promises to children, but we are students afterall, but you're just an empty promise.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The day i was almost a victim of "killer litter"..

Well. it was just yesterday.. i was walking in Far East plaza on the third level near that Ice lemon tea shop... and then came falling a large piece of ice block. i was like "omigosh!" then another piece... it almost hit a woman. by then i was out of "danger zone". and then came "flying down" was an empty cup.. We thought it were pathetic teenagers who think that ice are a source of fun as well their newfound toys. mind you.. there were onlookers.. so we walked over to other side and then we found no teenagers, but two kids with a maid. So we figured out that kids... waiting for Mummy dearest to do her shopping and maid.. doing NOTHING to stop them from their msichief and newfound toys.

the day i was almost a "killer- litter" victim.