Thursday, June 29, 2006

guys, a question:

Which celebrity are you sick of hearing/looking at in magazines?

my dig: Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Brad and Angelina, JJ Lim, Jay Chou.

these people should just disappear from the surface of the earth...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is 10th a public holiday for students? Cos i am thinking of going clubbing on National Day.. so much for being patriotic. Hey. i stand in attention when they play the anthem, i "pledge" when they recite the pledge. Hey aren't i patriotic..

But wait... 31st July... hrmmm...... JUST before school starts... need to ENJOY last minute before school (dun really) officially start .. that means 28th 29th could be possible clubbing dates.. wahahhahaha . on Fridays i end work at about 5pm and the school is near my place... hrmmm...

understatement : i need to club

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Graduation 2006 me, myself and i, moi, moi, moi.
tabs, uncle lim and moi.

The person i've always bugged during my span of being a secretary.

Me and the pressie ( president la)
The PSF people

one of the thousand and one pictures that i took with evan

Me and Peili, i was facing the other camera.

The picture which Evan barged in.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

well. T -shirt lovas, here's the right website for you:

This is some website that T-shirt lovas would like. you can submit your own design and then threadless( the company) will pick out a few designs to be sold commerically. of course, there will be prize money for the ones that are picked out.
cool eh. i thought so too. Imagine walking down the road, and you see someone wearing your design. that sense of euphoria. Or prolly fashion designers wannabe can start their fashion life just by submiting their designs to this website. Awful Coolness.
source: catwalk
Re: e-mails

Back when I was still in Ngee Ann, e-mails are like used for sending projects things. but after i left ngee ann, my e-mail account became insolated.. Of course, who uses e-mails when you have such a wonderful invention called the "handphone" and with text messaging purposes, you can send sms like anytime anywhere. Right now, my handphone is used to message certain people "i'm late, i'm going to be late, where are you?" Now i have "re"-made use of my e-mail. its free, and you can type as many words as you want without paying a cent, just in case when you type a whole chunk using your handphone , and the person only replies you "k, cya,bye, ic" or the person DON'T even reply you... you feel that you 've just wasted your money on something unimportant. So e-mails are like GOOD, EASY, CHEAP, FREE. So people why use sms, when you can e-mail someone. :) Make use of your e-mail people! Junk mails are useless. wahhaha!

Monday, June 12, 2006

hahahha! hahahah! i'm back to the Queenstown area once again after an abscence for three years spending a span of three years at Bukit Timah area.

i guess i can make my way to visit the teachers MORE regularly at Qtss wahahhah!!! I'm being attached to MINDS ( the one behind queenstown secondary school) wahaha... make up time for the years ( yeah 2 to be exact) that i never appear in queenstown.. wahahah!

i can still remember what my secondary 1 and 2 science teacher said to us "Maybe you should go there" pointing to the minds building just directly opposite the classroom, and of course the infamous run that i had to run past the school.

oh wells. i'm back again to the queenstown area.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Drumroll everyone... PRESENTING :

Logan Bartholomew
cute. totally. awfully.

dilennma right now:

$75 Zara white pleated skirt that i can use on weekends and weekdays or $40 havaianas slippers???

Maybe come to worse i'll buy both, cos you can wear both together on a weekend! wahahh!

Eddy's shoplist

1) Printer - any donations for workable printers?! - its a need!
2) Zara pleated Skirt - its a need and an investment - not enought skirts for the week!
3) Havaianas slippers - not really...
4) VNC shoes for attachment - yeah its a need... i only have two shoes tt are of calibre to match my clothes for attachment in schools and they can;t match ALL the clothes that i have.
5) dorothy perkins cap-puff sleeves basic tops - its a need... cos my tops can't be worn in schools!

I'm glad that my Tara Jamon skirt is of MULTI-purpose ....

1) match a polo tee with the skirt with my adidas and lacoste shoes.
2) match my zara top with the skirt and marks and spencers' shoes for graduation
3) match a black tee with the skirt with my adidas bag and slippers for sabah!

i'm glad i spent my last HK money on that Tara Jamon skirt. Just like the topshop white top.... must buy your things wisely eddy-wina

wahhahahha!! Must buy things that are MULTI purpose... Ed's fashion advice wahahha!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Show me the money baby!
i would like to have this bag if i have a unexpected windfall! wahahah!
pssssst: its the Dior Sadle Bag.