Monday, May 30, 2005

i reached school around 9 plus.. went straight to the video collection to search for "Farewell my concubine". it was tiring search... i found out there were "The Soong sisters", "Raise the red lantern" and "Centre Stage" and "Rouge", " The Shanghai Traid" . Those movies are critically acclaimed movies. okay half of those mentioned flims starrs Gong Li. I was about to borrow "Centre Stage" starring Maggie Cheung ( 2046 ,and the list goes on) Centre Stage somewhat intrigued me... It revolves around this Shanghainese old star Ruan Ling Yu. I've always been intrigued by Ruan Ling Yu. Somehow she always plays those tragic roles, even in her personal life, it always been so tragic that she committed suicide, haiz... i guess its better than you being insituitionlized like Zhou Xuan ( hrm... some 1930s Shanghainese star.. you could say that she's Ruan Lingyu's commrade.) and Viola! i spotted "farewell my concubine" Gong Li plays a prositute who became a wife of an opera actor, and the late Leslie Cheung plays a "hua dan" ( a person playing the female role in chinese opera), and this sets from Warlord China ( Yuan Shikai's era) to the Cultural Revolution. it tells the fate of two boys from this Peking Opera school. The somehow chinese flims, they managed to bring life to this dark period. Like Zhang Yimou's my father, my mother which flims sets in the midst of the C.R. he always manages to bring out life by using bright colors in the actor's costumes and sorts. And, the director of The Last Emperor, he manages to bring out the esscene of Joan Chen character as Emperess Wang Jing by wearing really bright Qing Dynasty clothes. Chinese Directors are some how much more talented than their western counterparts. Hrm... maybe tml i'll go to school early to watch "Raise the Red lantern" or "Centre stage" hrm.. such a headache.. i can't be watching two flims.. that will take about 6 hrs.
one minute ago.... my mom "chased" me out of the house. She wants me out of the house like by 9am... urgh.. tell me where can I go man?! i msged Amanda when willbe her first lecture.. at least i can crash.... but her lecture only starts at 10. thinking of walking around, but no shops in s.g. is opened that early... haiz.. i have no where to go!!!!

time : 8.37am.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Today was fun. The sermon was good, praise songs were great. =P. Went down to book fair - total bore. Nothing much unless you want to buy chinese books, which i will have no idea what's going on because i'll skip two or three words. and i will lost interest. Even though there's han yu ping yin. The sad thing is that i couldn't find today's worship song on limewire. =P. i liked that song. i should have teaken down the title...

I think, if i'm not wrong.. next week will be the kiddo's holy comm... heeheheh... i'm such a King David. Always commit sin and then ask for forgiveness. =P.

okay.. i sorta made up my mind. I've decided to go for small group meetings if the girls want to meet on saturdays. if they are going to start at 6 or 7 plus, might as well spend my time in Church rather than lazing around right. and then i'll leave early la! cos the thing ends at 7.30pm. and if meeting starts at 7 15 common sense will tell you to leave early and priortise your school works first! Duhz... Maybe i should ask Jasper if he wants to join the NP Christian fellowship. ahem... not for other purposes but....hey! I'm growing spirtually okay.. yea. i dun read the bible but i have to grow in a way that im pro-active.

tacklecamp... hehehehe Pastor B. finally realised that in tacklecamp there's are more than rugby coaches, pple from secondary and uni. He has realised that pple go POLY too. so they are charging 20 bucks for a full sunday camp. hrm..sounds interesting.. read the above paragraph. if you think :what the heck

Monday, May 23, 2005

Blimey! Human Nature is still around! That very band who brought you hits like "Eternal Flame", "everytime you cry", "He don't love you", " When we were young". they are still around. ooooo.. i thought they broke up or disappear into oblivion! they are still jumping around in down under.KWEL. well. i've got to check them out when i go down ( ahem.. that will be my next life i guess.. unless miracles do happen and then 2 and half years later i go Melbourne to collect cert) Blimey! i have no idea why i'm checking out old bands. Nah.. i won't check out Westlife or sorts, they are not worthwhile to check out.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

for now, i wished i have a countdown timer in my pc desktop. just like what a cast from Ides of March has on his desktop - a H.P countdown timer. This countdown timer is not a H.p. though.. its a number of hours i left to the 9 am MAKE UP tutorial. yes. i am a disgrunted student who does not wish to go back to school at 9 am for a MAKE UP tutorial because the ACTUAL timetable says 12! Call me lazy if you want to. BAHX
counting down zee hours to i have to go to school at freaking 9am instead of 12...
counting the number of hours i'm feeling bored today.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Memoirs of a Geisha.

The most anticipating movie that I'm waiting for... ( Its not Alot like Love though) its actually " Memoirs of a Geisha... yes. its under post production right now, and yeah... ( a down "yeah") Zhang Zi Yi is Sayuri... bahx. i think the people who casted her are blind. She looks more cheena than Japanese. Yeah. ( again; another down "yeah") Chow Yun Fatt is not acting in the show as the Chairman.. instead its a Jap guy.. okay not so bad. ITS JAPANESE. Michelle Yeoh as Sayuri "older sister"?! what's wrong with these people! What about Joan Chen?! I think Joan Chen can do A BETTER JOB! Michelle Yeoh is too cheena piang for a Japanese!!! AIYO! This is such utter disappointment. Gong Li will do a good Hatsumomo... she has those killer eyes that can really portray Hatsumomo well.. Well... i think i have understand that NOT many English speaking Asians are in Hollywood. well.. somehow or rather, i have to thank the casting directors that they left Bai Ling out... i have no idea what's wrong with that woman man.

still. i think Zhang Ziyi should just stay back in China and work with Zhang Yimou. I can't see her as Sayuri. She can't bring out the Sayuri as written in the book. Sad isn't it? They could have used the girl who played Tom Cruise's love interest in that Sammurai show. ( hrm.. forgive me if she wasn't Tom Cruise's love interest.. i really never had an interest in his shows except for Jerry Maguire.) Plus she's Jap!

yes. i'll have at least 10 or less more months to wait for the movie appearing in theatres. By then i hope the govt won't increase any movie tickets prices cos they have to know that that's the only thing that Singaporeans can do next to shopping in Orchard Road, plus 19 years of Orchard Road makes me really sick and tired of town. Come on! 'muse us with good movies with AFFORDABLE PRICES!
People from my club are such gate crashers... okay technically we were invited la, so just go lor. We went for the Arts Camp chill night. so yeah.. people from the other club sang.. i think their orginal stuff is good man... but i can't really hear the voice of the people who sang.. i heard were the guitars and the drums. the Balloonss surrounding us were thumping like crazy, it could just brust any mo with any more thumping inside.

As usual... they had a dance. So you know la. Danced la. Two nights in the row, went dancing.
Firstly it was after the Sxxxxxxa thingy then we danced at the place for a short while. woo-hoot. i'm such a dance freak

Monday, May 16, 2005

Tell me what to write about leh! I have no idea what to write about now... yes. i lead a very uninteresting life..

wahahahh! I finally took pictures for my passport on Saturday. yes. i went to take pictures.. in other words i went for a photo shoot. but of course its a FAMILY thing.

on friday went to taka to get a pair of clip on earrings.. yeah.. it was supposed to be the holey thingy but see i dun have any ear holes so they were able to change it for extra 2 bucks. now i have a pair of decent earrings. and trust me.. it really hurts

see i told you i lead a boring life.

Yest i had holy comm (again) just two weeks ago i had holy comm with the kids. ( as mentioned). Pastor talked about Saul and Johnathan... unfortunately no bible and there wasn't a ppt provided. so sad too bad. was starring into space. better dig out my bible from the box in the cupboard.

okay. I seriously need people to help me in the costume department !!! urgh! leonard and i almost ( okay i admit it wasn't leonard.. it was just me, MOI) died of fatigue dressing those pple up..

i finally figured out who does Edwin resembled. Tghe name is Zhang Yao Dong. he;'s acting inthe new drama serial channel 8 la. he's like a photocopy machine of Edwin sia!

told ya. i lead a boring life.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ed's advice to Edwina. ( Its an advice to myself) : Don't act smart in front of a guy

SO paiseh... Today when everyone left to collect stuff from the clubhouse to decorate the CCA feista booth, I was alone ( yes.. AKON'S Lonely please) at the booth doing dunno what la. then this guy from the Chirstian Fellowship ... i could say his kinda my type of guy.. came over and ask whether we have a pen knife. So i just search around.. bleahx, rumage the tool box and found the utility knife ( a.k.a. pen knife) and pass it to him Asked him where he was from so we can get back our knife. (under hidden agenda: which cca was he from) .. less the five he came back and asked me how to use. I was like.. "oh shit.. i dunno" of course being nice to SUCH people... i said i dunno. SO they returned the utility knife.. so i was playing with it with instructions from Wan and ta-da i screwed it. Yeah. I screwed the knife..

to anna: you could name him Mr Divine Intervention 2.. honestly... i still can't like take my eyes off that rugby guy. WAHAHAHAHAHA! but no way.. not making any unwanted moves. i've learnt not to act smart.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hohoo. yes.. i count down there's slightly more than two weeks before school starts.. i haven't acheive things like :

1) watch ALOT LIKE LOVE ( which happens to be shown around late June.. that's something to break my heart, and something to celebrate before FP starts.)

2) watch Monster in Law ( which happens to be shown on the 26th May. Wednesday; i happened to be free on that day.)

So these are the two things that buggered my life during the holidays
But of course there were things that i've acheived.

1) watch Hitch
2) Watch Guess Who
3) Watched Miss Congenality
4) watched The Wedding Date.

( wait .. is that all that i've watched darn!)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

So glad that TVBJ is showing Perish in the name of love. that means they dun have to lagg it back all the way from HK.

okay including this show.. i will be watching moses chan shows for the dunno how many times.. he's been OVER-USED.

1) War and beauty( which he teams up with Gigi lai, and Maggi Cheung)
2) the bankurpt show
3) Love and again. ( with Sonjia Kwok)
4) Riches and Stitches. ( which he teams up with gigi lai)
5) Take my word for it ( with kenix kwok, and bobby au-yueng)
6) and of course Perish in the name of love ( which he teams up with Sonjia Kwok, Charmine Sheh and Steven Ma.)
7) the up coming Rouge and Powder (with gigi lai)
8) the match making show which he teams up with Maggie Cheung ( and he teams up with her in War and beauty and steven ma) ----- super boring show

see he;s over used.. no wonder he wins the supporting role in last year's TVB award.. he's been overused and tvb must give him an award for it?

Monday, May 02, 2005

So.. children never tell lies, don't they.

Yesterday was Holy Comm. ( just leave it as it is) The kids Holy Comm is so cute.. the words are different than the adults... the kids' phrase is shorter.. i get so bored when it comes to the adult ones. Then one of the teachers tell them who are they expecting. So she gave clues to who was coming. "He wears specs" one the kid then asked her "is it the fat - fat one?" Geez.. no one talks about a pastor like that. So kids never lie eh.

wafer biscuts and ribena juice..

the reverend who came in and commented on the juice was like : ah.. today not so bad.. not so sweet and not so blend.. (hrm)