Thursday, March 30, 2006

it feels damn good to get 0ver the a person right! woo0-hoot! Goood for you girl!

Sorry.. its not me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jordan Road, kowloon, Hong Kong.

For those who can't see. "money eschange" a.k.a Money EXchange.

Have you ever wondered what in the world the Westlife boys are doing right now? Shane is like settling down, Nicky is married, well... i'm not too sure about Kian.. but... i'm positively quite sure that Mark Westlife has come out of the closet and admitted that he's "shock horror but true".. he's gay. He admitted it when they were in Taipei doing some promotional work. gee.. no wonder I didn't really liked Mark back in those days.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

"Tenderous Ribs Noddles"

(Sorry for the inverted picture)

Jordan MTR station, Exit B.

Need help?

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong..

Clubbing anyone?

(Its serves Indian and Nepal cuisine)
Whimsical Pictures/ grammatical errored pictures/interesting pictures/spelling error pictures from Hong Kong S.A.R. Afterall, picture speak a thousand words.

A neon light sign board in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong...

Pink cap words with two semi circles...

I wonder if the restaurant owner really understands English...

( Its an Indian Restaurant)

Friday, March 24, 2006

blogging from hk... its has been this thing for me to blog overseas ( when i am overseas),

okay its freaking windy right now in hk.. its going be like this for the rest of the three days... damn... there's goes me wearing me new skirt..

okay hong kong is pretty okay~~ the food is good.. shopping okay~ not so bad. the stuff here like the havianas is cheap as well as birkenstock.. but ubfrotunately.. there's aren't my size or the pattern that i wanted..

thte espirt outlet is pretty good. there's good stuff there

the gio polo shirt is cheap...

oh wells.. whatever la~~~

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

okay sods. there are so many things that i wanna blog.
using free internet access right now in the airport. entering the gate in 10 minutes times..

okay was poked three times and no blood came out. bleahx. I hate public clinics. they are sodding irritating. the nurses have this sod off face as well as a fuck off attitude. sorry acustomed to private doctors.

watched date movie yest. its STUPID, disgusting.

everyone has an aim when you do something. My aim for this month is to get a pair of havaianas as well as being a beach bum.

oh wells.. whatever. will try to blog from HK, if my darling budget of HKDG 750 allows me to blog from an internet cafe. ciao!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh totally SODS. ( its a brit way of saying F*** word) I hate to pay 10.50 for a freaking x ray report. freakity nuts. X ray flim not included.
i have always wanted to visit England. esp London.
ANNA: if you're reading this, let's go New Asia or Club One after i get back man.. i need to go for a RnB night man!!!!!!! you have classes right (damn) Hey i figured HRM = her royal majesty. (wahhaah)( wahahahahahahahha!) .. okay lame-o jokes. this entry is product of royal boredom.

Eddy-wina's top club hits ( in random)

1) 50 cent - just a little bit
2) Terror Squad - Lean Back
3) Ciara- oh
4) 50 cent- candy shop
5) Nelly - air force one
6) Nelly - shake your tailfeather
7) Nelly - hot in here
8) Maroon five - this love ( please send me this- wahahha)
9) Nelly - my place
10) Madonna -
11) Jay Sean- eyes on you
12) Ja Rule - Livin it up
13) Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Ashanti - what's luv
14) Gwen Stefani - If i were a rich girl
15) Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
16) 50 cent- In da club
17) Destiny Child'- Bootylicious
18) Akon- belly dancer
19) Ruppe- tempted to touch
20) Brooke Valentine - Girlfight
21)Mojo- Lady
22)Dido and Faithless - one step too far
23)Felix da house cat remix sinnerman - cellular theme
24) Cardigans - lovefool
25) Moby - porcelain
26) Fat boy slim - praise you
27) Jamiroquai - Love fool
28) The Killers - Somebody told me
29) The Killers - Mr Brightside
30) The Killers - all these things that i have done
31) Franz Ferdinand - Take me out
32) Franz Ferdinand- Do you want to
33) The Bravery - Honest mistake
34) Eve and Gwen Stefani - Who's that girl
35) Madonna- Hung up
36) Abba- Dancing Queen
37) The Game - Love it or hate it
38) Alicia Keys - Karma
39) Alicia Keys and Usher - My Boo
40) Usher - yeah
41) Rob Thomas - Lonely no more
42) Kylie Minouge- spinning around
43) Kylie Minouge - cant get you out of my head
44) Black eye peas- don;t lie
45) black eye peas- don't funk with my heart
46) Blue - Too close
47) Blue - Fly By
48) Sade- Smooth Operator
49) 311 - love song
50) 2 pac feat elton john - ghetto gospel

as i mentioned above. this is a product of pure boredom

Sunday, March 19, 2006

seeing the queen thrice is fine by me =) =)
Is it alright to have horrid dreams about your ex friend? The friend whom you thought she will at least complete her work and everything, but in the end turns back and say something or do something to you that you dun even like. somehow or rather, we want, rather i, want this friend of mine to apologise for what she had done as well as whatsoever inconvience she has caused and not blame it on people. seriousness is good, but taking it the wrong way is tragical.
i have a freaking long list of things to get in hong kong .. things like clothes from espirt, a crupler bag that cause almost the same price as it is in Sinngapore and adidas stuff. blog about it later

Friday, March 17, 2006

I saw the Queen of England today at the National library. Managed to catch her. She was wearing a hat (as usual) and was wearing a turqoiuse suit. Everyone ( selected school students) waved the British and Singapore flag as she walked into the library. Everyone outside the library was taking pictures, trying to catch her attention. i mean how mamy times in your lifetime you can catch the Queen =) .. Next time it would be King Charles ( yuck)

God Save the Queen!!!!
along with sad news, it always happens with happy news. i should have no problem getting in SNO with my medical checkup. My pop asked me to ask for a specific doc in Raffles group. wells. he knows a doc there, so he ask me to consult him. everything was fine there and then.

btw, the queen is in Singapore.... she's visiting The National Library as well Toa Payoh Estate. Right now i wished i am in the National Library waiting for her to arrive. I'd go there later cos i need to borrow a guide book on Hong Kong. going to "arm" myself with a cam.. just in case... Can't borrow anything from Ngee Ann Library because i am a graduate.... a week after my exams, i can't borrow anything. but wait. i do not have any exams that means my membership was long gone.


i think Indie rock is overused right now. clothes - totally. but still some indie rock band really rocked a.k.a Franz Ferdinand.. damn. JY's friend got VIP seats from them.... i wished i was in Hotel Intercontinnental at that point of time. Ahem. I'm sure i will not i miss the upcoming CABARET musical produced by Toy factory theatre ensemble, the one with Chris Phillips in a.k.a Fei Xiang in it... woo hoot!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AHAHAHHAH EDDY-WINA YOU MADE IT! you're a (not so officially) SNO... but you have to go through a medical checkup.. gee.......... PLEASE LET Me pass the medical check up! =) =) =) =) =)
Saw Peng Hui online.. quickly asked him if he went to club one recently... it turned out to be his look-alike. CHEY! Nvm. curiosity satisfied.

hopefully all goes well tomorrow..... 3mths. that' sounds too good to be true.

Monday, March 13, 2006

in the morning, Norman IM me and asked me about Fat-man tan... i told norman that, quite unfortunately or rather fortunately... my impression of Fat man Tan hasn't change over the years. ew¬

the best part was I used to have classmate who know him? attended Primary School with him? ohmyfreakinggoodness!
have you ever heard a unemployed getting sick? That's me. Without any stress and anything i'm feeling sick.. Don't even know if i'll make it alright for today's monopoly night.. Finally a monopoly night... been waiting for it for ages...... hrm.. maybe i should make an offer to Anna and Gil to form an alliance against Harveen. She just killed us all the other time.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Aren't you supposed to be proud "Hey that guy used to be from my class in sec 1 and 2!" BUT ho- ho - ho -ho! I ain't proud.. but felt disgusted. Here's the story:

Apparently Bernard told me that my ex classmate appeared in the papers. I was like " yeah.. that egoistic ass". So i went to yahoo-ed his name... and GUESS WHAT I FOUND. a website about him. But hello and behold! The website looked like a SHRINE to him, and there were pictures of him.... ( i'm so going to puke my Raffles plaza hotel's lunch) oh btw. he's some "professional golfer" as so it claims... and his biography is a list of awards he had gotten. oh my freaking goodness. I am not surprised if he googles his name like every other day - knowing him

Remembering back in the old days.. he was some wannabe. He didn't really had a cca ( i think). aLway hanging out with the NCC group. BUT ha! when the NCC guys had to do something he's left A-L-O-N-E wahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!! aPPARENTLY according to sources he was kicked out of the school team due to his attitude problem.. wahahahhaha! WHY am i not surprise.

Then in sec 2 camp, we had a survivor camp somewhere in the ulu part of North -West of Singapore. We had to cook- bread, snake meat. After cooking we have to taste and the facilitator said by the count of three, you will put the snake meat into your mouth, at the count of three, he threw it onto the ground whereas all of us were like chewing. PLEASE. he's such a coward. Let me think how will he react when he sees a snake in the golf course.. wahahahh!!!


thankfully he transfered to some where for good. =)

"website" (fortunately, its not up to date) you gotta ask me for it... before he googles his name.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

To suit the skin on my blog...

good guide on how to be an indie-fashionista
I just did justice to myself for commenting on this pair of clogs.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Can someone please contact the SPCA even though its just a bag? Read about it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

There is this equation for fresh graduates especially for people like me and sorts or whatosever. the equations goes :

graduation = jobless = no money
jobless = full time job is to look for a job
That's my theory.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

at the brink of despair ( part1)

1) so sleepy
2) exhausted
3) fatigue
4) really tired
5) totally confused about some stuff??? How in the world?????? HUH???!! - ticketing really burst brain activity
6)tired tired tired plain tired.