Friday, February 25, 2005

"No hp no love, no money, no time....... f*** life.."
can i ask you.. WTF you mean by that?

Why do people feel jaded?

Why do people feel jaded?

Why did he feel jaded?

What made him feel jaded.

His nicks are getting weirder and weirder by each time i'm online. So wierd?!?!?!?!?! I mean he wasn't like that in secondary school.. but of course for a few moments he blew his temper. but jaded. what so jaded his life can be. You mean you get jaded over having no love in your life at the moment.. what the heck !!! ridiculous! I mean i got over my jaded life in poly. how come he is jaded... jad-d-d-d-ed... totally curious.. want to ask him "Why he so like that".

Thursday, February 24, 2005

One week..
My arm's wound have not healed. ( damn that drunk man)
I'm still swearing in church. ( in my head)
I'm still feeling sleepy during sermons. (even though the pastor was funny!)
I'm still doing/ struggling my FP
I'm still BROKE.
I'm spending money like nobody's business for FP ( ech better refund money for the next L.C.
I still haven't count my cash in the ang pows
that's a nice summary of my life in a week.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Now everybody in the club gettin tipsy,
Everybody in the club gettin tipsy
We waited for them at Dover MRT Station. The best part, we took the back gate and then Thai workers were staring at us, i guess people on the bus 106 were staring at us too. We reached the place before 9. As we entered the INTRO Bar, we actually met Malvin friends, but we don't know that they were. The super best part was that the guy at the INTRO bar counter didn't even stamp the chop on us! so we just walked in. How would we know, when we went down the second time to get chops, that stupid guy bullied us and told us that we have to get a drink reciept. Up we went up again to get a drink, SUNRISE ( 7 diff alcohol mixed together). So.. i dumb-ily drank about half the glass QUICKLY with an empty stomach. I thought it was a MOCKTAIL. Hoonie was like "eh why so bitter". Of course i went high, ( even before hitting the dance floor) but on the scale of ten it was only 4. then we went down again... so the guy told us,"Oh one receipt is only for a person only!" WTF... but i was feeling a little dizzy already.. so its like forget it going up and we paid $20 entrance fee and had a complimentary drink of Martini each. ( damn! i didn't try it.. i dunno want to risk getting drunk) STUPID MAN! BULLIED US'. all of us were down because we had to pay when it could be free! stupid! so we had to walk all the way to LJS for dinner. On the way out, i saw Ben Chan and Hannah. so they are like together. They looked a little surprised to see me. So gillian told me to drink lots of water so that i could go to the toliet. My face was burning red and my eyes were bloodshot. oops.. went to LJS had miniature chicken slices there and lots of coke. so went back to the club. they were playing scandalous as we entered. nobody wanted to dance.. except for me :( bleahx. so we waited for a couch. the couch occupants left. so we started dancing all the way til we left the club. saw harveen's friends. Someone who self proclaimed that she don't dance danced. well she got a little high too. yep. danced danced danced danced.. they were playing oldies, r AND b, and THAT THING YOU DO. yes. THAT THING YOU DO. (n.c.) so malvin got some drink for us, champange if i;m not wrong,. toast to harveen. drank a sip even before the toast. The best part was after dancing non stop for about an hour i went to the wash room, i had a leg cramp out of sudden, bumped into an austrailian guy and the mumbled something which i couldn't hear. yep, drank champange and left about a little and of course, heed my parents' advice not to drink after dancing, danced all the way till 1 45 am. left the club extremely thirsty, couldn't walk. feel like taking off my heels. on the way home, eng kiat drove us to the nearest 7 eleven bought a bottle to coke felt engerized. I'M NT TIRED. i slept at 12 the previous night and woke up at 6 plus before Garry left for school. My hair smell of cigar and cigarette, because of some cina piang kept blowing at us. and of course the others who were smoking, bumped into a cigeratte butt and burnt myself a little. at a point ( dunno what time) took off my heels and danced.. to salsa ( ?) yeah. salsa. je ne sais pas. I agree that New Asia is more for mature people. but it was equally fun as well. =) well i guess i shall leave the next time to some time later.. too many people on the dancefloor, new asia should be bigger!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Unexpected Guests.
I didn't expect to hear this on Friday that there are extra people coming to my house. JUST because i wasn't online, you made the decisions. My house is not some hotel. How CONVIENTLY informing me on FRIDAY that you made decisions to come to my place without even asking me. What if i told you before Friday THAT i had plans today?! One say coming later afternoon, another say have to go off by five.. DON'T you think its fair to me when I have THREE families coming around the same time and another 4 people coming to my place and after that my family is going to their house, they have booked a seat for me in a restaurant. So do you think its fair for me, that i have to cancel my plans, and wait for you, turning up late. WTF! and so conviently telling me that i have to go off by 5 and i'm coming late in the afternoon!
Yeah, screaming at me that I do not know that there was a SYC meeting on New's year eve just because I WASN'T online. WTF. Nobody even informed me! Yeah. so AM i supposed to be gulity about this?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

New Years
How boring can it get? I see the same people all over and over again... the excat same day, the excat same time. The next day, the same people come to your place year after year. BORING.. ITS FUCKING BORING. plus this year, Lecturers demand even more.. they expect you to work on the so called "rest days" BLEAHX. this year New year really sucked big time.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Equality among women and men
I should say thanks to me wanting to cure my headache i went to get a coke at the vending machine at the Table Tennis table, if not I will not able to WITNESS this... Because I am in Early Childhood, i feel so unjustified and have to blog about this and let people know that there are STILL such parents in Singapore! They are not HDB dwellers, but people who are professionals and send their children to reptuable kindergarten. I was quite angry when I heard what the mother told her child to comfort her. Okaythe whole thing started off like that:
1) Brother and younger sister ( they are kindergarteners from St James) raced from the car to the lift lobby.
2) Brother won, sister lost.
3) Sister cried..
4) Mother comforted daughter : " its okay, Kor Kor is older than you so he has longer legs, and boys should run faster!"
As a ( future or maybe not even) Early childhood educator would you ever say those things to children! You are suppose to COMFORT them, not make them feel EVEN WORSE! The mother was rubbing it in while the daughter cried. I was like hello!!! hello!! you're not supposed to do that! If I were the mother, I will make the daughter feel better by giving her praise, telling her what she can do that her brother can't! The daughter just continued crying from the first floor til the 16th storey. I was so ashamed!!!! by the way the mother is some stuck up bitch! She saw me and didn;t EVEN asked me which floor i was going! THIS TOTALLY TURN ME OFF MAN! seriously i think all new parents should go through basic ECH so that they know what to say in front of the child!!! If this ever happen in front of me from the same family, i'm so going to screw their lives.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My I.T. Story.

Talking about dumb I.T. ACS (i) boys Ho! I remembered that there was an overwhelming response for the CCA Computer club in Queenstown, and we had to go for interviews. So i went thinking i could i get a place in and learn some skills so that my folks can depend on me for PC stuff. So the person asked me " So why do you want to join the computer club?" and me being a 13 year old going on 14 answered eagerly " oh cos my parents don't really know about PC, i thought by joining this computer club i can learn something so help me parents out." The person never replied me. I was wondering till this day did i say something wrong? why was i rejected by them? So what if the person say "Oh i like playing pc games" and they got in, so what's is wrong with me not allowing my family to depend on others rather than relying on others for PC problems? FROM THE moment on I totally LOST interest on I.T. ... just because i was rejected from the most "exclusive" club in the school. But its okay i think i had more fun in DRAMA cos i have MORE cca points than those wimps from I.T. club!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

After screwing my brother through sms last night, he returned my thumb drive to me without saying anything. But something I really don't understand.. a boy who had 257 for his PSLE is still fucking dumb and he is in ACS (I). He happily told me that he went to Sim Lim square and bough five Sony CD-RWs for $10.00 and that's after bargining a dollar off the price tag. I just looked at him: "you've been ripped off". HE SPENT TEN FUCKING DOLLARS on 5 FUCKING CD-RWs.. tell me. is he just dumb or plain FUCKING dumb.

but still Garry: FUCK YOU!