Wednesday, June 29, 2005

WAHAHAHAHAHAAH! EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL... I'm an evil person... okay the story goes : I was online searching for "B.S."'s e-mail add online, and i accidentally stumbled upon this year 2 student's blog and started reading it.. so i found that they were feeling so freaking stressed up for the first 5 weeks of school? wahahhaha! they haven't had a taste of SEM 2 YET
by then they will prolly cry to their death bed. G? everyone is afraid of G? Oh comon! Just obey G and then you will do fine! Aiyo!!!! i see G improving.. telling us lame jokes ( well it didn;t really help, but it sorta lightened the tensed atmosphere around) i was laughing at them saying how they liked this lecturer and how they detested S.A.M. BEEN THERE DONE THERE. I think year 2 really thought us alot of managing your time and PIRORTISING YOUR WORK. Oh comon! looking back at year 2 i think year 2 is BAH~! olright see how i suffer under year 3 !!! shall not be too contented yet... i'll prolly be the one breaking down and cry ( like i always do)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

101 Tips on shopping.. er .. technically not 101 tips la.

1. go shopping with a buncha of friends - both girls and boys

2. Plan your shopping route

3. Buy bright colors

4. its okay about the moolah.. its the clothes

5. Buy striped shirts

6. its better to go on a weekday

7. Shop in reptuable shops?

8. Bring two sizes in

9. Always let your friend make the choices. trust your friend..

10 . Com'on.. trust your friends.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dearest Anna,
do you mind watching "A lot like Love" again?

Monday, June 20, 2005

okay...went to Malacca.. didn't get to eat Peranakan food. but managed to eat the chicken rice ball.. okay the meat was good, but the rice ball was kinda sad la that;s was it.. nothing to brag about though. Urgh. i wish right now, right here i'm in Bali or somewhere to really relax. well never mind, at least i crossed the river, a.k.a. Malaysia. Well, i don't have the fate to eat Ramly burger.. well.. nvm again, shall seize the chance !!!

well fantastic idea.. i skipped today classes! yes. just to mop the utterly disgustingly dusty service balcony floor, mopped the floors, and of course iron the clothes which were left in a lurch since er... Wednesday. yes. I was too lazy or busy to do such things.

Yep. they are en route back from H.K. They didn;t get my Samba bag! ( Wah liew) they got a few nice tops.. i didn;t know Hong Kong has my size.. wells its gonna be Gio , Bossini or U2, cos the last time they went to Taiwan. they got me a Hang Ten top, which was WAY nicer than the ones you can find in Singapore. Hopefully the tops they got , i can fit in and also its nice and its from bossini,, u2 or Gio.. Hopefully they get my VCD ( Yes... perish in the name of love VCD I MIISSED THE FREAKING LAST EPIDSODE!!!), my adidas shoes, F.I.R.Wu Xian CD, 2 TVB weekly magazines. straw bag?! wahhahah! i dun think they want to carry a straw bag all the way from H.K. I betcha Garry gonna buy Adidas Tees, BSB's never gone, Adidas shoes. yadda all from Shen Zhen. I can smell the Wives' biscuits already!!!

I've attended the longest meeting and the most fullfilling production meeting. at least most stuff are "crystalized" hehehehhehe!! Sorry Adi!

ranting to Anna that we should watch Batman!!! WATCH BATMAN!

Want to watch alot like love too, fantastic 4. goodie movies and galore!


I'm such a happy person right now that I've done housework that was supposed to be completed 6 days ago....

doo-dee-doo-dee-doo. =) = ) = )

Friday, June 17, 2005

i thought only animals eat plants when they are not well..

well yesterday... i saw an Indian man plucking the bougenvilla ( erm.. yeah wrong spelling.. see. i told you i am a BAD speller) outside Canteen 1 and chewing on it! It sorta freaked me out i mean there proper greens and leafy veggies to be placed on your plates!!! HORROR! I was already surprised to hear that a cat eating leaves from my friend's garden.. oh dear! What's with the world anyway..

Managed to get the Phantom of Manhattan, Spin... I think the book ( Spin) was kinda more vulgar than the movie. trying to move my butt to town to get "Asking for trouble" its the novel for "The Wedding Date". =P but unfortunately no movtivation to do so but instead spent 5 bucks on a necklace from far east =)

=)... =)... = )... yes. i'm drooling. but i have no idea what am i drooling for.

bad news : managed to track down the shop that sells that flapper style headdress.. BUT it wasn't for sale ;its for display only... BUT consolation starts here: Hoonie tells me that Yishun sells those things.. so prolly going to Yishun to check it out.. ka- ching ka- ching ka- ching.

Yes. Give me the moolah! 30 SGD.., tell me what can i shop?! Its not enough!! .. if i spend 30 RM on a book i;ll be left with 30 RM and i want to get a bag... i have this unstoppable craze for bags.

oh wells.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

my good friend went across the river and got me 2 measuring tapes.

=) = ) =) =)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hrm.. Support local productions... how can we support local productions if you spend a whopping a couple of mil on something that is bad.

1) F.O.H. - ( not that i want to say something) as we entered we should be greeted by ushers who will bring to our seats. it is not until we reached our rows that we knew that we were supposed to be on the other side then here come trooping an usher bringing us to our seats.

2) Set - it resembles a HBD place.. but its not impressive. yes. with sponsors all placed around.

3) Subtittles : sorry.. but its from Microsoft Powerpoint, there were some spelling errors and then it was kind slow. They actually employed someone to do such thing..

4) Script: supposedly to be a comedy .. sorry good try.. i was not laughing.

5) Interval : oh yeah playing latin songs will help. Sorry good try

6) In conjunction of the fortieth birthday, there are bound to be some propaganda.

7) so much for premeire tickets seats.. ( seats at the LT 68E are so much better!!! )

Oh please thaknkfully is a compliementary ticket .. i won't pay THAT much to watch such a shitty musical.

Fortunately, we were comforted by the NP concert band which was WAY TONS better than that yellow boots fella. Enjoyed myself especially with Abba Gold. =) Thanks Adi and Rahman who gave up the invitations. =) wahahha!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Aiyo!! Geez.. my mother actually asked me whether i have a boyfriend or someone i like ( hrm.. trying my very best to forget [ the previous post]) or anyone "chasing" me... She was saying that there's someone apparently : her friend's son's university FRIEND .. wah lau! do i have go on to such stage that I have to be match made? Aiyo!!! ED SLAPS her FOREHEAD! asking me whether i am interested ... i was thinking wah liew... university still can't get gf ... must be some nerd from the IT dept.. unless he's really good looking like the rugby coach la! AIYO! wah liew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my gosh! aiyo! !!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

by all means... i dun think he even reads people blog.. and i stumbled upon his blog a very long time ago... din't dare t read it.. it sorta give me jitters.. Jy told me to strike a conversation first. geez.. the first conversation "Oh you know what i've always liked you since sec 2?" Bahx Thanks. i still could actually remember how he "cut my queue in the blk 5 co-op. bahx. i was looking for coins then he just step into the empty space next to me ..i was "wtf?!" i really want to thank him for what he did during Secondary 4's sports day.. like he sorta helped us witht he cheerleading.. i mean 2 girls with semi high pitched voice can't really do much. so yeah he and his friend helped us... ( girnz sheepishly) thanks dude.. i was telling brudder that i have 9 more mths ( sound like i'm having cancer) geez. olrightly - orighty- oright0.. Oh btw... anyone kind enough to extend their help to change my blog skin for me. I'm still a complete idiot on blogs..except for blogging. i'll think i'll settle it using dreamweaver

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

i mamaged to catch "raise the red lantern" and i found striking similarities between War and beauty. like duhz... there were great differences in both shows. But its all about surviving the harsh and cruelities of being a concubine.. to win the affection of the man of the house, and as usual,. it all ends up with either tradegy or tragedies, there will be scandalous affairs, such as one of the concubine will end up with another man but the master. well for Raise the red lantern, Gong Li went beautifully siao and the third mistress was hang for incest with the doctor. you see these concubine has to find muse for themselves when the master is sick of them and have to find ways to survive in the family household and have to fight for affection for the master.

yeah... my shoe broke. My last balinese shoe broke. trying my very best hopping that it will be fixed... cross thy fingers..