Sunday, July 31, 2005

hrm.. utter disappointment i guess? we managed to reach Momo by 10 and we had free entry. went in there and there were empty seats but... al were reserved, so i sms-ed jo to see whether he has reached Momo. Well i found him. Asked him whether we could actually have a seat. Well didn't, cos they were expecting more people, so we didn't want to be extras besides, it was his friend's birthday, not one of the PSF pple. So we ended up standing beside the bar, and they played Britney's Boys. ( rolls eyes), well they played like Christina A's Car wash and a few rock others. after finishing their drinks, we felt it was useless to stand around not doing anything. We actually felt OVER-DRESSED. we spotted a girl wearing jeans and ECKO shirt. We decided to go O bar at Md Sultan. reached there paid entrance fee, managed to get a seat. sat there. it was so boring.. i started listening to my ipod. the four of us didn't talk much. we just sat rooted there. and then.. there were this bunch of punjabis came in. well its okay.. then. another bunch of them came in, and another, and finally ONE big group of them. er.. okay... so on our left were punjabis and on our right were chinese? and we were right smack int he border. at 11, nobody danced. at 11. 30 still no one danced. at 12 STILL no one danced. at 12 30 only a FEW people started dancing. The d.j. played Britney Spears' Oops i did it again, Blu Cantrell's breathe, Toni Braxton's He wasn't man enough for me, and..... Shaggy's it wasn't me, plus a few J Lo songs. OKAY..... it turned out to be a KTV session for me. So obviously i didn't get to dance. =) and at 12 30 i had to go home. =) leaving gillian and saida to rot away till 2am.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Isn't it ironic?

Well, since Anna was not feeling well on Saturday, we decided to postpone the clubbing till next Saturday, but I've promised Hoon that I will go for service at her church. So I'll be packing my thick bible in my bag and bring it all around Singapore. from Boon Lay to Bugis and to Central Mall. Well, isn't it ironic, i'm supposed to be holy and i'm going to church first and then clubbing?! At least i'm nt drinking... well i have to squeeze my bible in the bag because of Garry la. He refuses to lend me his bible. He thinks that I will lost it? Yeah losing it in Club MoMo. nice. or some drink spills onto his bible. bahz~! Well. to redeem my sins, i'm nt skipping service next sunday. =) Aren't i a worldly christian ? ( Forgive me if i spelt anything in a wrong way.. i think i have some literacy problem.)

Monday, July 18, 2005

its going to be slightly tragic... I can;t go club momo if i can't find transportation to get back home. absolutely tragic. If i take a cab it would be 150 % of the normal cost for me to get back home. espeically when you're at Havelock road and you gotta travel on the AYE to get back home. SIGH..... hopefully, i'll be a little thick skinned and ask for a ride from gill.... hrm. the last time er... well it was a long ride la. we "feasted" at seven -eleven..well for cokes... hehhhehe.. but i really felt bad.. never.. haiz.. i guess i'll really have to be thicked skinned for once. OH PLEASE.. i think i really have to learn how to drive. okay i have this stupid idea. but is to book a room at Chinatown's hotel 81, cos its so freaking near. argh.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Can i forgo monday's full run?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

well. been busy since wednesday.. started field pract.. well i could say when i entered the centre, i wished it was lunch time..because after lunch, times passes very fast, cos after lunch it will 1 30 and then the kids will have a free time till 2.30 and they will have their nap till 4.30 ... ( wahahaha) then they will have their snack till 5pm and from then on they will have free play period till 6!!!! then CIAO. WAHAHAHAHAH!!!! hopefully when i ask mrs koh on monday, mrs koh will agree that my field field pract wil end at 5pm then =) =) =)

for PSF members reading this blog. ( well... seldom tho'): Erm i;ll be an hour late for the full run if my field pract ends at 6pm. =)

Monday, July 11, 2005

This occured me suddenly. It was all because of Anna's plea; saving her from MSN virus misery. I told her to call the hotlines available i.e. the social service hotline. But DO YOU know the VARIOUS social service hotlines? well. i don't. I think neither do you. The only hotline i recognise would be the NKF donation hotlines, the one that they will hold like bi-annually. So its like every day. when i switch on the telly i see the hotline number steadily appearing in front of me. ----- > partially why i don't watch channel 8 shows, another reason would be its always talking about the same thing the serials stretches to a 2 part- hundred over epidsodes but can be summarized into 30. OKay i'm digressing. okay back to the hotlines thingy. Yea. the other hotline i will prolly recognise are the ones that they publish in the newpaper daily. i wonder why i need to buy the newpaper when half of the paper is filled with advertisements that does not interest me unless i'm an ah lian who wants the latest techno ring tone for my latest polyphonic nokia or some perverse uncle who wants some sick chinese girl picture on their nokia mobiles. The govt didn't try their best on promoting these hotlines. they WILL only promote hotlines is when there's some tradegy. i.e. some student from some school who will be taking his or her o levels, or psle committed suicide by jumping off the building. Or some depression fella did something perverse. Or some un wed mother does infanticide. Then at the bottom of the newspaper report, they will prolly place the hotline number. Is this what the govt should do? promote when only things happen? shouldn't it be the effort of the govt to make their hotlines known? Yes i;m a disgrunted Singaporean, but hello, why are we paying taxes for? Where the money goes to?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

About yesterday's play... i have to agree with Norman. It was okay. A modern twist to an old myth but i felt that i was cheated out of my ten bucks. An hour worth of entertainment. I mean ten bucks i'd rather go and watch IOM.. 3 hours plus comfy INDIVIDUAL seats.. and its like 8 bucks only. i dun have to squeeze or have pple seating on the stairs instead of seats. I dun really like the substation. Plus i heard that they were given a large budget which seems like they have not doing a great job... The casts are weird. The girl was wearing (perhaps) her Outram Secondary school shirt? Yeah so much for linking redhill with Outram Secondary. Might as well wear Delta Secondary's uniform or perhaps Queenstown's cos its so near Redhill Mrt? ( 15 minute slow walk). okay i'm being lame here. So far, the plays that i watched are like medicore stuff. haiz.. when can i watch the Dim Sum Dollies. someone pls fill me in.
Word has it that i'm going to have my graduation thingy on the 9th of March.. wahahahha!!! that would be the best birthday pressie i would EVER receive.. my diploma cert.. and of course i will ciao off to the island of Bali with fellow graduates Anna and perhaps Harveen IN BALI. wahahahah!!! Hard Rock, okay Anna wouldn't approve of it. Bali reminds of the weird korean drama that i quit like after the main casts went back to Korea. wahahah! Just wanna watch the scenes in Bali. It wasn't fantastic though. Lee Young Ae ( apparently she acted in the Joint Security Area) and Ji Jin Hee have better chemistry.
= P. Lemme see, i still have like half a year to my graduation. I think i'd rather fly off straight after my IEP presentation.. I CAN'T WAIT! That's when i really end my education (perhaps pernamently due to some unforseen circumstances i.e. belinda never reply my e-mail) oh dear i'm so External ( internal) locus of control. OK. DON'T tell me what that means, because i have a feeling that i'll do badly in the test.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I have no idea why. I have the strangest tendencies nowadays.. I hyperventillate when I see Ji Jin Hee. I felt like blogging about my life right smack in the middle of yesterday's class, about what i really felt about spending my three years ( technically 2 years odd) of youth in Ngee Ann. I just wanted to blog about all the shitty stuff. What i went through, and what i want to do now; which is reading and doing a full research paper on the Chosun( which is about the last Korean Dynasty which ended in 1911) - Ming Dynasty relationship. I want to do a full research paper from the last Emperor of Ming Dynasty to modern China. Okay sounds ridiculous. Right now, i felt like I have wasted completely 3 years to do something which i might not want to do at all. yes, i could have switched to something else in year1.1 but i felt that i will be wasting my parents' money if i had switched; in other words, i didn't dared to tell them that i didn't like ECH. Not technically because of the shit that is going on in my "class" but its of whether i see myself as a teacher or not.... but sorry.. i don't. thats the most tragic thing i can think of right now. I could have gone to M.I. and do history.. and now still doing history in M.I. and prolly the year after i will be in NUS doing East Asia History; hrm... selective modules : History of Japan, History of China, History of Korea. OKay. i guess i'll have to stop daydreaming. I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that i went to Faith Methodist School. and only sometimes i go to Ngee Ann just to attend their Faith Methodist school in Blk XX. hrm. weird.

Monday, July 04, 2005

just testing...

okay i finally KNOW how to upload pics into my blog.. yes.. it took me THAT long to understand how to up load pics.. hrm... yes. I'm thinking of putting up Ji Jin Hee's pic in my blog... That's the man i've admired from the show... he's so sweet to Jang Geum. He will rather sacrifice himself to another part of the country and allow her to be in love with him while she stays in the palace. awwwwwwwwwww.................

Saturday, July 02, 2005

oh darn.. made a big hoo- ha.. i'm sure by tuesday everyone in PSF is going to know the BIG hoo-ha. okay apparently I IM-ed Anna that i want to go clubbing. then out of sudden, JY appeared so i THOUGHT it was ANNA. so i replied :

( JY) She's the giver of constant adulation says:
dun wanna go lah. so ex!

( at this point i was already thinking that JY WAS ANNA)

Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
go to new asia la.
Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
but i dunno what time the stupid test ends
Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
by the time we go there the club deny entry already
Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
we must pay..

( I realised that it was JY, Not ANNA)

Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
wrong person sia
Eddy.. eddy.. where art thou Eddy? need a dose of club says:
okay paiseh!

if you're tired ed, go to sleep
Ed, you can't listen to Blu Cantrell's songs, they distract you.
Ed, STOP thinking of going clubbing.. study your OB its on Friday.
No wonder JY didn't reply.. ( i'm so going to be the laughing stock of PSF on Tuesday)