Friday, December 31, 2004

I don't know what to say about 2004. I don't know whether to laugh about it, be happy about it or to be sobbing about this year. I think this year has been a critical year for the entire globe. Many things had changed our way of lives. From epidemics to wars to ecomony booms to elections to disasters and to deaths particulary and to media entertainment. We started with a bang, and ending it being very sad.

I don't like the ending of this year. I mean I can say that I'm very indirectly victimised by the Tsunami thing, but it just occured to me that, what if I was there? Will I still be blogging here and coming back here in Singapore, joking and laughing with my friends about anything or everything or even being very indirectly victimised or being insulted that i was very irritating because i mentioned too many a time that i was "a victim". I don't know, its very scary to think about it.


It occured to me that 2004 is a year for elections.... Taiwan's election, America's Election, Indonesia's Election, and The Philippines' Election in which the opposition party leader died, even the unknown countries or newly established countries (technically correct term) in the world had elections. Well next year will be Thailand time to go to the polls..

Presidents of 2004

I think its a GREAT TEST to Thaksin right now. I mean that the year of 2004 did not go well for him. First the Bird Flu, before he could solve the problem, the Muslim Thais' conflict before he could even solve that poof! the Tsunami thing. The world will be judging and waiting for him to solve these problems. The Thais will judge from the way he handles these things for next year presidential election.

The newly elected Indonesian President.. I wonder if he is still somewhere out there. haven't heard from him since he became president.... Knock! knock! You there?

America's President. Well... i have nothing to say abou THAT guy. Just that : FINISH YOUR BLOODY TERM AND GET OUT OF THE OFFICE.

Phillippines President: The true power woman in a power suit. Even a movie star ( A la Ronald Regan) can't push you out of that power suit. WOO-HOO WOMEN RULES!

Taiwan president: Hm. I have no idea what's going on in your mind, but still. Hope you run your country well.

To all Newly established countries : promoting your country will do you good.

other than the Bird Flu.. i think SARS is resting in eternal peace.

Economy booms..

well good for that.. Singapore had an economy boom but slowed down as soons it bloomed. can see lesser people being jobless. That's a good sign. Congrats to J.Y. who's is now currently employed and for Han Liat... go for the ideal job! Inflations.. I wonder when is the day and where can i have $2.00 fishball noodles once again?

The entertainment scene.

Its one hell of rollercoaster ride. From Hollywood to Bollywood to Singapore to Hong Kong to Thailand's Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me.
But hey! AKU LIKE TAUFIK!!!! Electrico!!!!! Force Vomit!
Should i consider Bangkok as a mini Singapore with Singaporeans swarming to Bangkok to shop and holiday there. or should i consider Far East Plaza, Bugis Village as mini Chatukchat. Pls enlighten me. Thank You. Oh apparently i've asked Anna bout the opinon on this statement. She said that i should consider Far East Plaza and Bugis Village as mini Chatukchat.
Well apparently.. my folks experience earthquakes in their travels. Taiwan and Thailand. concidentally they went to countries starting with "T" but never mind.. nothing amounts to being caught in the Tsunami in Phuket.
I;m still thinking what if the condition in Bangkok was really bad.. and then i was stuck in Bangkok and not coming to lectures. Who am i going to contact.. Peggy or Walsh-y. I wonder what will Peggy say when she knows that I am stuck in Bangkok " What?! you are in bangkok?! you are supposed to be attednig lectures and tutorials and you are now in bangkok! Okay i tell you what. i will inform your lecturers." Next time. remind me if i;m going out of the country during acad year remind me to bring ECH'S number. Just in case of emergencies.
So much for having an INTERNATIONAL ATM card when you have to pay $5 for every amount you withdraw in other countries.. "Eh! Citibank! you take pple in with a thousand plus in their bank savings! "
15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2005!!!!!!
Happy New Year folks!
Find me at Aunt's Yvvone's place tml.

An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children
That's all i have to say.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Cursing and Swearing : Emotional and behavioral Disorder. (E.B.D.)
Hallahan and Kauffman ( 2003, 9th Edition) Apparently, people who swears and curses are people with Emotional Behavior disorder. And only be counseled by the Psychoeducational Model ( Building psychodynamic and behavioral theories in approaching education and management) .... and one type of Psychoeducational Model is using the LSI ( Life space interview) asking the consequences of the person's actions and educators are to monitor the use of curses that the child used. very interesting huh?
I mean everyone swears and curses, but this particular person ive known him for two years ( apparently my ex classmate) someone to look up to, somone to admire for, model student, npcc best cadet, results are like what normal people should get. everything positive about him lah. so.. just today, his nickname on msn is really weird. he SWORE. he actually put " Sick la, what you 1? WTF is life. PPL come and go. Memories stay and hurt. F*** you ppl" i mean does Poly life influence you to swear and curse? hrm.. i think its no wonder that he smokes now.. smoking is such a common thing now... bleahx.
talking about EBD's case study, when you try to use the word, just use it.. don't make it so discreet that you do not dare to say it out loud. ahhahaha! just kidding! anyway. this person doesn't read this blog so nvm.
fortunately for today, Sukuna decided to by pass the case study that we did yesterday.. phew so much for presenting.
New Year Resolutions
  1. Start cracking on the threadmil for PFT
  2. Save more cash for both rainy days and sunny days and also cloudy days
  3. Get Bs for exams
  4. Volunteer work to make my resume look nicer
  5. Make my resume look nicer.
  6. Save cash for future trips to Paris and Hong Kong.
  7. Save cash for extra french lessons at the alliance francaise
  8. Save cash for any more Tsunami victimised countries : for donation.

if i'm nt doing any of these 8 resolutions please come and tell me... thank you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

still very jet lagged... really want to skip school.. but lets try to be a little hardworking here... whoopee! another holiday is round the corner that means half day! okays.... hungry... going down for dinner when they are back here

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sawadeeka! I'm back! okay honestly, i want to stay there for another day. yeah its just the school blues la. but too bad. cannot skip any more lectures. Hrm lets' start from christmas eve.

Christmas Eve.

Went to school then skip SF and then went to jurong point to meet Amanda and spent 20++ on Fish and Co. cool. walk walk see see.. and went back to home just in time to catch the folks going out to Great World to watch National Treasure. Show was overall okay. i mean what can you expect an aging Nicholas Cage to smooch a young mid twenties girl. watched "When you're sleeping" and then went to sleep.

On the day ...

reached the airport at 6 plus? and then went for breakfast at some teeny weeny cafe. stupid policeman.. at the immigration counter. BLEAHX. Met neighbour who is going back to India. didn;t see us.. so i.d.c. went to the gate. used the internet.. almost spolit the airpot's computer while checking for Sukuna's annoucment. DIDN'T RUN for seats. managed to get a seat. played uno and always winning those two boys drank $2 coke. Managed to ask Uncle Steven to doup the questionaire questions and touched down in Bangkok international airport. Spent half and hour looking for some vans to bring us to Pathuwan Princess. yoo-hoo. in the end.. took a taxi there.

Put everything down at Melvin's room, cos my family's adjoining room wasn't ready. so changed for the weather and went down to MBK. SHOPPED. went to the supermarket.. everyone was like oohh its cheap! cheap! cleared the entire row of Johnsons and Johnsons' clean and clear daily pore cleanser. shopping shopping shopping.- bought ULTIMATE Kylie at 390 bhat. met the rest at the hotel and went across the street to have authentic thai restaurant. everything is small there. so order quite a bit to fill those boys empty stomach.

home sweet home. Melvin slept at our room without knowing. His folks came to fetch him back..

second day.


i was down at the lobby with Garry reading newspapers. I was reading about Tata Young.. how she took the world by storm. okay not world. Asia by storm. then saw some pple wearing Pyjamas. i was like.. wah! please dun tell those are Singaporeans.... that is so ugly and yew. P.Js?! carried on reading about TATA YOUNG. then my dad came and pick us up. as usual " where have you been" "YOU KNOW THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE?!" what?! an EARTHQUAKE?! didn't feel anything... went to J.J. market on the BTS. Melvin's uncle thought that he was having stroke because the night before they went for massages, and perhaps the person pressed on too hard. It was literally "Spinning around' Later we heard tat Phuket was caught by a Tsunami and Indonesia had a 8.9 ritcher scale earhtquake affecting all the way to Sri Lanka.
Going to J.J market . diaster. just put it that way. we are to go to "Raffles Place to change place. we did. but we went to "Orchard" instead". so in the end managed to go back to "Raffles" and took a train to :"Pasir Ris". reached Chatukchat. bought fake shoes and soap for the girls. didn;'t find anything that they wanted. its not hot at all... went back to the hotel to load things and then went to Black Canyon and its VERY CHEAP! went on to the central plaza and shop again. boring la! ... and went all the way to BAIYOKE sky tower too see the entire view of Bangkok. went to have dinner at Chinatown. Jammed a bit. on the way. Gramps called and started screaming into the phone receiver and then Uncle from HONG Kong called. at dinner time messaged Aunty Kim for assurance. and also askin how was Singapore because in HK reports were saying that the earthquake is terrible. but in the end we are in Bangkok. heez.

last day - the day i supposed to go for lectures.

okay woke up went to the floating marke. in the end found out htta the taxi driver cheated on our money and went to the WRONG one. went to Grand Palace. walk walk see see. and then decided that we should go to see the Four faced Buddha. which Nicholas TSE and family will make it to there every year. hrm. stupid taxi driver.. took a VERY big round and caught in a jam. Aunty Mary called. and said that she will be at MBK. forget about Four faced buddha went straight to MBK ate at the basement and the shopped again till 2 . 30 pm. went back to the hotel and took a shower. yeah. SHOPPED AGAIN at MBK. then went to check out. Ciao! going to the airport by giving the driver a flat rate of 300 bhat. ate in the staff canteen.. ooh nice.. thai food. and then did not run for seats again cos there are plenty of them. reached singapore at 11.55. by the time i reached home it was 12 plus. and slept by 1 plus. ciao!

C'est tout.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas to all people* out there.
*Does not apply to PENGUINS.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

BURY me right now! I DON'T think i want to face Amanda for the rest of my life.... I'm crashing and burning right now....

It all started at 19.17pm 21.12.2004 when she asked me this very question:

I'm i realli tat dao meh? Am i tat bad of a friend?
And then i replied lor...
Sometimes you don't bother people and then you give that dao lk. Wah lau 1 wk u still thinking bout it.
She replied at 22 : 44 : 09
I'm thinking abt it 4 ur sake...i tink i meant it as a joke.. haiz maybe i'm not cut out 4 tat kind of joke... Or maybe i was in a bad mood...
Then She replied again at 22: 54 : 22
Wah... Sad ah...I cannot make jokes anymore...
Of course i sent my apologies not knowing it was a bloody JOKE.
She replied the last time at 23 : 04 : 11
So tat how everione sees it... Talk 2 u nxt time.
*Sending her a card tml... hopefully... she doesn't take it seriously...

Monday, December 20, 2004

i was just thinking of the song "If i were a rich man" it suddebnly reminded me of Dennis Heng ( Fallen star of Mouliem High and a la Spin; Light Years) apparently he sang "If i were a rich man" during Queenstown Secondary School's Opening School Ceremony... he as the rich man la!.... Come to think of it.. Queenstown's success do not go to Christopher Michael Lee itself. It goes to Dennis Heng too.. BUT heheheheh ( ed's blushing.. hahahah) i used to have a crush on them respectively. I had a crush on Dennis Heng in Secondary one and then had a crush on Christopher Michael Lee in Sec two... hahahha... but hey! that shows i have taste okay! I pick people that have STAR quality! ahhahaah!!! Just Joking!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

i'm still on the topic of old pple.. as they get older their brains get fucked up even more. for no fucking reason that lady in the house screams at me.. what the fuck. what's the fucking problem playing pc games and chatting on msn. you mean she doesn't do those kind ( i mean that time it wasn't so technically advanced) meh?! what a total bitch! her words are totally so irrelevant to the fucking topic that she is always fucking on. what the fuck.
I don't why.. as pple get older.. they hearing get worse.... and their taste of clothes get worse too... for example.....

when i was in genting,, we went into this boutique.. back of the shop their clothes were like shit similarly to this fashion clothes. and here.. my mom was gawking how nice the clothes were.. "oh you can match it with your jeans" my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was already so ugly.. wah! heart attack sia! i dunno la.. it just seems like that. as pple get older, their clothes sense got worse... even one of her jeans.. yuck! it was freaking ugly! and she encouraged me to buy! somemore its from america ( factory outlet mah) heart attack!

hearing also get worse.. ( that's like duh)

i was in the toliet.. she was just behind me. she asked me what time do i have to go to school. i had to repeat at least more than five times "12" until i got so fed up! i screamed 12! and she can hear. ( somenbody stab me again)


Monday, December 13, 2004

Was just browsing through and guess what i saw?! ( Somebody save me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse my bad singing...) A SLYVESTER SIM Web design!My god! Can you imagine it! A Slyvester Sim web design.... JUST STAB ME! WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE TAUFIK FANS MAN! hehehehe.. okay.. shalt not go on proclaiming my appreciation for Taufik. Yeah.. hehehehe apparently class ended half an hour earlier today because the power shut down in the entire blk 18.. it always happens...... hehhehehehe...

p/s Anna.: I'm so convinced that the cat has constapation la! It must have overheard humans talking about eating more fibres for a smooth bowel flow.. Trust me, for once, trust a food and nutrition EX- student.

Yay! tomorrow heading to SP for lunch... yoo hoo!

p/s: Any one would be a nice darling, to lend me your credit card so i can buy a t- shirt from

Excuse my french: l'amour est un champ de bataille Literal translation: Love is a battlefield.

get it ? If you dun.. nevermind.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I want Dreamweaver MX 2004 !!!!
okay blog's fine.. have to delete the "bugged" blog. yoo-hoo .. blogging session will start again tomorrow.

Friday, December 10, 2004

okay something's wrong with my blog again!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

ahem... the midst of the Singapore Idol winner Taufik, ( credits goes to Jy who sent me this sms) it turns out that his family members are:

His dad: Tau-pok
His mom: Tau-fu
His brother: Tau-gua
His sister: Tau-suan
His dog: Tau-gay ( beansprouts)

But hey! there's a catch! Taufik is a Muslim! How can he own a dog??

just typing it in before i delete my messages.

Monday, December 06, 2004

okay the third time i'm updating my blog.. i really can't believe it.. Maksim coming to Singapore???? On the 7.12.2004 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Maksim!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreamweaver is soooo user friendly... if i have discover this power tool earlier..i wouldn't busied Elisa... okay enough.. have to watch tv

.oh .... almost forget... on 4..8.2004.. i was in Genting.. so was MAKSIM. he was peforming at the outdoor theme park's arena of stars.... hmmm i wish i was there.. and then.. went to watch white chicks for RM 10! wah! its only 5 bucks lor! ehehheeh okay la the movie starts at 4pm and i went in at 4 plus.. its free seating and then the seats were not too bad.. something like GV grand! i so love the cinema there! okay i shall spite Anna more by proclaiming there;s a shop full of girls stuff and there are braclets that are BLACK in color and there was three rows of small metalic squares.. wow i luurrrvvveee it! and it costs RM 11.90! omigod.. but bought another one.. the one that i mention earlier.. bought a pair of shoes... ( from the shop that sells size 10 shoes.... ) hahah1 okay better listen to mrs pek before i fail IT
okay got back from genting... the place sucks BIG TIME... ( somebody save me!) The food there sucks! the breakfast the worst breakfast i' ve ever had in the whole wide world.... god! the hash brown is soggy, the scramble eggs is green! god! !!!!!!! really no star hotel ! bought a braclet with stars on it... HEHEHEHEH! ANNA! DUN SMASH MY HEAD! gonna wear it tml.. to spite her! hahahah! olruight mrs pek is beside anna and hmm better not let her catch me blogging away.

p/s: my braclet is black and has three stars on it! dream on Anna!